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I Was Feeling Unfulfilled In My Career — Until I Made This Major Shift

If you intend to make health coaching your job, get clear on what your specific goals are. Who’s your target audience? What do you help them with? Where do they hang out on social media that they will see your marketing materials? What type of secure record-keeping system will you use for your clients?

I also strongly recommend carefully tracking finances, creating social media and blog calendars, and regularly analyzing metrics that help you assess which content and marketing materials have the highest engagement so you know where to spend your energy.

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice I wish someone had told me: Do not be afraid to ask for help. We can’t be the expert on everything, so hire the experts you need. If you have zero experience designing websites and it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars worth of your work hours trying to DIY, it will totally be worth hiring a designer.

On another note, the coaching world can be so competitive, but there is so much joy and positive energy in collaboration and in building a diverse network of professionals. There are so many ways we can learn from and support each other, and there is room for everyone. We each have something unique to offer. If you only follow people who look like you and do the same things, or if you get sucked into a competitive scarcity mindset, you’ll miss out on a lot of incredible experiences, “aha” moments, and opportunities.

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