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I Was Working At An Unfulfilling Job — Here’s How I Manifested My Dream Career

Having the opportunity to change people’s lives–it’s something that you wake up every day excited to do, and I’m excited about the platform that we have and what it’s done. We’re transforming lives every single day so people can feel their healthiest and happiest and strongest selves, and the core of what we do is about accessibility.

We launched our plant-based program this past year, so that’s a great example of how we’re listening to our community and their needs. We’ve also got a lot of transparency in terms of how we work with collaborators and recipe developers, making sure that there’s no differentiation with how we work with one photographer or one creator over another, for example.

And then another big thing I’d say is, last year, we actually rewrote the Whole30 cookbook to recognize and celebrate more culturally significant foods. The big thing for us is making sure people feel seen heard and recognized on our platform, making sure that anyone who wants to do Whole30 at any time has the opportunity to do it. And I think being able to provide the tools and resources, whether it’s our Whole30-approved network of brands or our own line of dressings and sauces, offers opportunities for people to make healthier decisions in their lives. We’re here to serve our community, and we’re here to give them access.

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