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If Ever There Was A Week To Slow Down & Rest, A Pro Intuitive Says This Is It

What if instead of looking at something as broken and in need of fixing, you looked at it as an opportunity to find greater expansion, joy, or access to more personal power? This is a simple mindset shift that can make a huge difference.

I know when I see a relationship I wish were different as a big problem, I have a harder time shifting from focusing on what I hate about it, to what I can do to make some changes for greater fulfillment. I’m not suggesting you pretend the problems aren’t there, but rather to shift into the idea that there are exciting possibilities you’re not seeing.

When I’m talking to a client who’s feeling discouraged about something in their life that they wish were different, I often ask them to try using questions that begin with, “What would it take,” or “What else is possible here?” For example switching from, “I hate how stuck I feel in my job,” to “What would it take to feel more fulfilled right now?” Or, “What else is possible here that I’m not seeing?” Usually my client will feel a heart-opening, or a feeling of levity and lightness.

If you aren’t having any issues with your job or relationships, you might still feel an impulse this week to examine them deeper. And that’s great! Some questions that may come up for you could be: How can I expand? What would it look like if I started thinking a year out, five years out? How does that make me feel when I think about putting myself out there more, or adding more into my life?

This examination could just be about adding hobbies to feel more fulfilled, or more ways for your family to have fun this summer within a different structure than you have in the past. This might bleed into the rest of the month, too, so don’t feel like you have to pressure yourself to come up with answers right away.

In fact on my podcast, Magic Monday, this week I pulled the card “Observation” from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck. So, you may want to spend this week simply observing and seeing what feels good and what doesn’t, before you start to implement any new structures.

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