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If You Keep Seeing This Spiritual Symbol Everywhere, An Ending Could Be Near

Just as animals can appear to us in real life, they can also be known to visit people in dreams, and the moth is no exception. Interpreting these dreams, however, can be very personal. As animal spiritualist Jordana Van previously explained to mbg, you should think about any personal associations you have with moths first, before going with a standard interpretation.

“Dreams are much more personal than we realize, in which case, the symbol is supposed to get us to look at what is going on in our life and ask ourselves if it mirrors what happened in our lives the last time we experienced that animal in the aforementioned fashion,” Van says, adding, “If so, what issues from that time might still need to be resolved?”

And if moths have been appearing to you in dreams, it’s worth noting that they are often associated with dreams and inner visions, according to Baumann Brunke, who notes some say they hold the secrets of the night.

Dreaming about moths can be powerful. Moth may show up in a dream as an inspiration to open conscious pathways to the inner world, or perhaps as a teacher to help heighten your intuitive or psychic abilities,” she says, adding, “Moth can also appear in dreams to help us be more aware of the dream realm and learn to be more comfortable in that realm.”

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