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If You’re Dealing With Dark Spots On The Body, Look For This In Your Lotion

The ingredient you may not have thought of for treating these very marks: Aloe vera.

A common misconception is that aloe vera is only useful for post-sunburn relief, but it actually has countless additional benefits–dark spot treatment being one of them.

Aloe vera contains a natural compound called aloesin which has brightening capabilities that can help speed up the fading process. In one study, aloe was applied to the skin four times a day for two weeks. Aloesin was proven effective with fading post-acne hyperpigmentation in that study.

In another report, topical application of aloesin proved to directly inhibit hyperpigmented skin from producing more melanin–hyperpigmentation simply means excess melanin production in your skin, so keeping the pigment-producing cells from becoming overactive is key.

This ability to inhibit melanin production in hyperpigmented skin is especially important when it comes to treating sun spots. As you know, SPF is key to preventing sun damage in the first place, but using aloe vera post-sun can help prevent pre-existing spots from getting darker and help them fade with repeated use.

It’s not just sun damage that can lead to dark spots on the skin–body blemishes and ingrown hairs can lead to hyperpigmentation as well. Dark marks on the face may be easy to spot-treat, but getting a single dot of product on the hard-to-reach areas like the back isn’t so simple.

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