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I’m A Beauty Editor & This Is The Only Non-Sticky Body Oil I Trust

My past experience with body oils.

My previous relationship with body oil was…meh at best. I’m such a texture person (if a product feels too goopy or sticky, I simply won’t use it), and it has been difficult to find an oil I look forward to slathering all over. Body lotions are much easier to nail from a texture perspective (IMO), since many are creamy, silky confections with no shortage of skin-supporting butters and emollients. Body oils, on the other hand, often felt tacky and difficult to spread, a sensation that gives me a creepy, nails on a chalkboard feeling.

If I felt extremely dry, maybe I would pat an oil on top of my go-to moisturizer (never rub, lest I experience that shudder-inducing sensation), but the oil always played more of a supporting role. I had never found one I loved enough to make a main character in my body care routine–well, until now.

Why I love mbg’s formula.

mindbodygreen’s dry body oil has become my ride-or-die moisturizer, one that I genuinely enjoy rubbing into my skin. First thing’s first: This is a dry oil formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin at a quicker rate, whereas “wet” oils take their sweet time penetrating the dermis (think of a heavier massage oil). Now, there is no exact classification for what’s considered a “dry oil.” It’s really more of a general consensus among beauty experts who can assess whether or not an oil will soak in quickly–and let me just say, this oil absorbs in record time.

We can thank sunflower and safflower seed oils for the fast-absorbing feel, as both are known for their light, non-greasy texture. Texture aside, they also provide some pretty impressive skin care benefits: Sunflower seed oil is high in vitamin E and linoleic acid, which helps keep skin looking vibrant and reduce signs of aging (sunspots, fine lines, and the like); the organic safflower seed oil contains precious fatty acids to improve barrier function and keep the skin supple.

Olive-derived squalane also tends to the skin barrier and makes your body feel just plain rich, while prickly pear seed oil and active vitamin E provide plenty of antioxidants and nutrients. In short: This body oil truly quenches thirsty skin without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Image by Jamie Schneider / mbg beauty editor


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That easy glide is imperative, since constantly tugging and pulling at your skin (especially in more sensitive areas, like the d?colletage) is a recipe for microtears and wrinkles down the line–skin-barrier supporting ingredients be damned. With mbg’s body oil, my palms practically float across my skin with absolutely zero tackiness. I’d even go as far as to say this oil is a joy to apply; I can feel it instantly softening my skin with every pass.

And I’m not alone in my new body oil obsession. “I am so impressed by how ‘not oily’ it is, and how quickly it absorbs without leaving a wet, sticky, or tacky film on the skin,” writes board-certified dermatologist Keira Barr, M.D., in a review. “I use it in the morning to support my daily practice of lymphatic massage, and it helps my tools glide more smoothly on my body without feeling greasy.” A proper amount of slip is crucial when you’re using any sort of sculpting tool (say it with me: Constantly tugging at the skin causes wrinkles), and this oil provides the Goldilocks amount of moisture that doesn’t leave a lingering residue.

The takeaway.

I’m still a huge body lotion fan (my mbg postbiotic body lotion sits proudly on my bathroom shelf), but on days I need an extra hit of moisture, the dry body oil comes in clutch. Not only does it feed my skin barrier with important fatty acids and antioxidants, but it glides like an absolute dream. Go ahead and snag yourself a bottle of this liquid gold–I’ll certainly be restocking my stash very soon.


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