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I’m A Celebrity Colorist & This One Mistake Will Wreck Color-Treated Hair

“Know what you are getting into maintenance-wise, and make sure it’s realistic for you and your lifestyle,” says Tresch. Each color comes with some sort of commitment, but someone looking to go lighter will have a different plan of action than someone seeking a richer hue, which will also differ from someone who wants to cover up grays.

For example: “A single process color needs to be done monthly. Reds and/or bright fashion colors fade fast, which need monthly glossing. Highlights are low maintenance, but bleach can be drying,” says Tresch, which is something to think about if you have drier hair prone to breakage already.

Regardless of the exact maintenance schedule, you don’t want to wait too long to head back to the salon, lest the hue becomes too oxidized. “It’s important to keep up with your color to maintain the look you sign up for,” Tresch says.

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