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I’m a Celebrity Makeup Artist & I Wish People Knew These 3 Tricks

When it comes to staple makeup items, Medhin has a clear winner. “I think every person should have a translucent powder,” she says. This is key for eliminating the appearance of texture without adding too much coverage. This is one of the few staple products Medhin leaves the house with, too.

Medhin’s to-go bag holds powder, whatever lip product she used that day, and something to keep the brows looking fresh. “We all have an area that needs a little touch-up,” Medhin says about the brows, “Not just shadow, but texture,” she says.

This is where brow pencils and brow gels come into play. These two products will help fill any gaps, define the brow shape, and keep them looking fresh no matter what the day throws at you.

If you’re headed out the door, you don’t need to bring the entire makeup bag. Just grab your staple items and you’ll be on the road without having to worry about missing a touch-up when needed. This way, your makeup will stay all day long, mimicking that professional-grade look.

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