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I’m A Cosmetic Chemist & This Is How You Actually Spot A True Dupe Product

One concern many people have when swapping out a pricey product for something more affordable is the risk of breakouts. The only real way to figure out whether or not this will happen is to patch test, Ford says.

Some people may look to the classic comedogenic scale for this step, but Ford explains that it’s “not a good assessment of human skin,” as it doesn’t take into account important factors, such as the percentage of a certain ingredient in the formula.

Plus, everyone’s skin is different, so what may cause one person to break out may be a holy grail item for someone else. For this reason, this scale is deemed by countless skin care experts, Ford included, an iffy way to double-check your products.

Instead, patch test: If you want to avoid potential irritation or breakouts on the face, Ford recommends testing your products behind your ear. This will also help test any risk of skin allergy in the new formula.

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