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I’m A Metabolic Scientist & This Is What I Eat In A Day For Blood Sugar Balance

Breakfast is typically Bikman’s main domain: He loves to make a homemade morning meal for the whole family. “I will make crepes, where every crepe has one full egg in it,” he notes, so each serving has a hearty source of protein. “There’s some flour, and the flour will increase glucose and insulin,” he adds, but he mainly makes crepes for his kids, who can tolerate a bit more starch.

“Another breakfast will just be good old fashioned scrambled eggs and bacon, or we will make omelets,” he notes. “Basically, I want to make sure my kids get a lot of protein and whatever fat that comes with it.” Bikman, himself, tries to keep his meals pretty low-carb and protein-heavy–although he will dabble in crepe day from time to time. “[Or] I’ll have a low-carb meal replacement shake that I blend up,” he adds.

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