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I’m A Registered Dietitian & This Is My Favorite Blood-Sugar-Friendly Drink

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Integrative & Functional Dietitian

By Alexandra D’Elia, R.D., CDN, RDN

Integrative & Functional Dietitian

Alex is an Integrative and Functional Registered Dietitian and the Owner of Olox Nutrition.

The summertime is known for delicious seasonal beverages, from sangria to spritz. But what if you’re ditching the alcohol and still want to join in on the fun?

Several years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar II, which led me to down a path of exploring whole-body/mind well-being. Now, I’m very aware of how food and drink affect my overall health and mood–and I’ve had to get creative about what I eat and drink to stay balanced while still enjoying myself.

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That’s why I created this mocktail, which is packed with herbs like mint and ginger that not only taste delicious but also have soothing benefits for both your brain and gut. Ginger is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it helps support healthy digestion and regularity. An added bonus? If you have an upset stomach, ginger can actually provide some relief.

Mint is another key player here, with gut-soothing benefits as well as additional digestion support. This herb can also have cognitive perks as well, and taking a whiff of the fresh scent may even promote brain function and energy.

This mocktail also features lemon, which is packed with vitamin C for those immune-supporting benefits that also add a zesty flavor.

To sweeten this drink, I recommend monk fruit, which is a nonnutritive sweetener that won’t spike your blood sugar and affect your mood. With all these benefits-packed ingredients, there’s no reason not to sip on this fun summer beverage!


Handful of mint leaves

3 slices of ginger

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 teaspoon Teakihut monkfruit

1/2 cup water


1/2 cup unflavored seltzer water


Add mint and ginger to your glass with measurements to your personal preference.

Gently muddle your herbs to release the natural juices.

Add your lemon juice and a teaspoon of monk fruit to sweeten.

Pour about half a cup of water into your mixture and a handful of ice cubes.

Put the lid on your Mason jar, and shake to combine the flavors.

Drop in a few more ice cubes, and top the rest of your glass with seltzer water of your choice.

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