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I’m An Eco-Dietitian & These Are The 5 Foods You’ll Currently Find In My Cart

This drought-resistant crop is a staple in my cupboards. I love including it in meals throughout the week to help support biodiversity in our food system and get me out of my own rice rut. Whenever I can, I purchase organic buckwheat, not only for the sake of the soil but because beneficial plant chemicals in this crop tend to be higher when fewer insecticides/herbicides have been applied.

Since I started working with Big Bold Health, I’ve become a big fan of Himalayan Tartary buckwheat, a close cousin of buckwheat, and the flour they help to produce. This super-nutritious crop is grown using climate-smart regenerative agriculture techniques that nourish the soil and protect the environment. Plus, it makes a mean blueberry pancake!

How I use it: I’ll enjoy buckwheat in a “bean and grain bowl,” serve it along with eggs, or toss it into any soup for additional bulk and nutty flavor.

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