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I’m An Intuitive Aura Reader & Here’s What To Know About Color Palette Filters

When we stumbled onto the topic of color palettes, I had to get her take on why this is everywhere right now–basically, what is it about the climate that made this feel so relevant again? Well, she says it boils down to two things.

The first is fairly universal: “People just want to feel seen,” she says. But the second speaks to something much more specific. “We’re coming out of a time in which there was so much uncertainty. People were pushed to make really big decisions without really knowing what the outcome of those might be,” she says. And that, understandably, led to a bit of burnout and decision fatigue.

Having a spectrum of colors preselected that you just knew were going to complement your undertones, make your eyes pop, and make your complexion glow–no fuss necessary? Of course that sounded appealing, Merrick says.

But as she goes on to explain, ultimately it’s not that simple. For one, it can often feel alienating: “A lot of these programs are built for white women. Even now, if you go through some of the material, I can’t imagine being a woman of color reading it,” she says. “It’d feel so thrown off.”

In addition, colors should fuel your energy–not make it feel stagnant. “What’s more empowering is when you just take a bit more intentionality with color and give yourself permission to wear a color that maybe isn’t the perfect color for you, but it makes you feel really good,” she says.

Throughout the episode, we chat about how to use color for your own empowerment–including talking about specific colors and what they mean. So, if you’re interested in energy readings and color theory, it’s worth a listen.

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