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I’m Nearing My 70s & This Probiotic Helps My Digestion Stay Regular*

It’s formulated with four targeted strains, which have been clinically shown to support gut health and maintain key, daily functions of the digestive system, including promoting abdominal comfort and regularity.*

At nearly 70 years old, customer Susan N. attributes her improving gut health to probiotic+. “Since I have started taking probiotic+ [I] have noticed a difference in regularity,” she wrote in a review on the mbg shop page. “Makes all the difference when you are nearing 70 years old and you want to take a supplement that has all the benefits that other supplements can’t give.”*

Although following a healthy and balanced diet is a great place to start when nourishing your gut, there are instances where your body may struggle to digest certain foods, therefore losing out on the valuable nutrients your meals would otherwise provide. Another benefit of probiotic+ is that it can actually help aid the process of digestion and absorption, so you can get the most bang for your buck after eating those veggie-packed meals.*

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