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Important PSA: Your Gut Health Supplement May Be Missing This Key Component

While maintaining a diet that includes pre- and probiotic foods can help to support gut health, it’s not always easy. Whether you’re constantly on the go, a picky eater, or simply lack access to such foods, there are a number of obstacles that can stand in the way. That’s why implementing a supplement like Synbiotic+, which offers a streamlined approach to gut health support, may be a convenient option.*

In addition to the postbiotic butyrate, Synbiotic+ is formulated with clinically studied probiotics, BB-12(R) (Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis) and LGG(R) (Lactobacillus rhamnosus), which provide live microorganisms that contribute to healthy gut microflora, as well as the prebiotic PreforPro(R), which is designed to help those beneficial gut microbes flourish.* In each serving, 11 billion CFUs of the probiotic blend are nestled within a delayed-release, minty-tasting capsule, created to help reach the colon (not the stomach), an ideal place for probiotics to survive and grow.*

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