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Is Your Skin Freaking Out From Retinol? Try This Surprising Hack

Or, you can opt for this easier solution: Apply a lip balm as a precautionary step in your skin care routine. This way you’ll get a layer of protection to buffer this sensitive area from your retinoid and other skin care products that may be causing irritation.

Our go-to, of course, is the mbg lip balm. This product contains humectants, emollients, and occlusives, which means it will help pull moisture into the lips, soften the skin, and lock in hydration. Occlusives are especially important for protecting the lips against retinoid irritation, acting as a barrier between the two.

We should also note that mbg’s lip balm does not have any exfoliating or aggressive plumping agents in the formula; it only folds in gentle, nourishing actives meant solely for moisture. Why is this important? See, many lip balms feature ingredients like salicylic acid or peppermint oil to buff away flakes or increase volume–which is all well and good, but not when you’re hoping to protect the lips from any potentially irritating actives.

Not to mention, mbg’s lip balm will help soften the delicate skin on your lips over time, making it a worthy step in your skin care routine. Think about it–you might set aside a separate step for eye cream because that area is especially sensitive, so why not show the same love to your lips?

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