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It Takes This Long For A Daily Turmeric Supplement To Work (So Don’t Stall)

In short: It varies.

According to Morehead, it comes down to an individual’s constitution, age, and unique health needs. Like any other supplement, turmeric can work quicker for some than it does for others. It also depends on what you’re using turmeric for.

For example, Bhattacharya explains that turmeric on the skin can work as fast as five minutes, whereas those seeking targeted joint support and comfortable mobility might see results after a few days of oral ingestion.*

If you’re taking a turmeric supplement, Chicago-based registered dietitian Maggie Michalczyk, RDN, of Once Upon A Pumpkin says it won’t act as a “quick fix.” Rather, as with most supplements, consistency (i.e., daily use) is key. Generally speaking, Michalczyk says you likely won’t notice a significant difference “for at least 4-8 weeks.”

All the more reason to start today, right?

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