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I’ve Been Taking Vitamin D For Years: This Is The First One To Make A Difference

If anyone knows about optimizing their health and holistic well-being through nutrition, it’s Melissa Urban, Whole30 co-founder and CEO and New York Times bestselling author (her newest book, The Book of Boundaries, comes out October 2022).

If you’re not already familiar with Whole30, it’s a no-nonsense 30-day challenge to cut out processed foods (think added sugars, grains, alcohol, MSG, sulfites) and pack your plate with vegetables, fruits, meat, natural fats, herbs, and spices. As mbg’s health and fitness director Kristine Thomason described to her friends while trying the new Whole30 plant-based program, “It’s not a diet, more of a month-long self-experiment.”

While maintaining any diet that primarily consists of whole foods can certainly kickstart your health, there are some nutrients that are just harder to get through food–like vitamin D. The truth of the matter is that vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency affect 29% and 41% of U.S. adults, respectively. In this video testimonial, Urban shares that like many Americans, she has found it challenging to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.

“I’ve been supplementing with D3 for many years since genetic testing showed me that I don’t absorb vitamin D3 as well as a lot of folks. Working with my functional medicine doctor, it’s been really hard for me to get my D3 levels up to a healthy range,” she explains.

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