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Keep Seeing The Number 777 Everywhere? Here’s What It Can Mean For You

Richardson tells mbg that the number 7 is a very spiritual number. “When I’m meditating on a client and I see or hear in my mind the number 7, or the angel number 777, it often means the client might be focusing more on their spiritual life or having some kind of spiritual awakening,” she explains.

And according to medium Megan Michaela Firester (aka Mystic Michaela), this number can also be a push to let go of fear. “Learning and growing come with new contexts and opportunities, and you’re feeling called to do new things without always knowing who or what to trust,” she says.

777 can also indicate that there’s something in your life that you might benefit from looking at with a more spiritual perspective, Richardson tells mbg. “For me, the spiritual perspective speaks to how an experience in our life can help us grow, heal, or help others,” she says, adding, “While I don’t believe everything happens for a spiritual reason, I do believe we can often create deeper meaning around the very painful or very joyous experiences in our lives.”

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