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Long Ride on ‘Bent, No Assist

When I first took my recumbent for a ride after removing the electric assist kit with the unbearably noisy motor, I noticed how slow I felt. Part of it is that I really am that slow without a motor helping me. But part is that I had gotten lazy because of the motor and wasn’t pushing as hard. So today I tried a long brisk cruise, and was able to get my speed up a couple of mph. Electric assist is great, but I need to avoid it being a slippery slope to laziness. I’m going to make sure I use non-E bikes at least a couple of times a week and make sure I push harder.

Today’s ride was 34 miles on the Coyote Creek trail. I had resigned myself to the recumbent being a shorter-range bike, but it can still cover a decent amount of ground.

It was on the gloomy side today. We actually got some rain, unusual for JuneTops of the taller peaks of the Santa Cruz Mountains Obscured by Cloud CoverOn the way back, it was starting to break up

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