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Looking For Seasonal Immune Support? These 3 Herbs May Be Your Ticket To The Outside World

As soon as Memorial Day hits, it’s officially outdoor season. No matter how hot it gets, you can find us outside, soaking up all the summer has to offer–cold bevvy in hand, of course. But if you struggle with seasonal immune challenges, things may look a little different… As the summer blooms, so, too, do the grasses and weeds, which means you have two options: 1) participate and feel miserable or 2) stay inside with a bad case of FOMO.

However, with a little help from Mother Nature herself, you may be able to choose a more ideal outcome. During times of seasonal change, herbalists support wellness with a few go-to strategies. Enter option No. 3: Use some of our favorite herbal allies to support areas of the body most affected by seasonal shifts–and dive into summer feeling good. One way to do so? Gaia Herbs’ Seasonal Support collection (but we’ll get there). Read on to learn more about the herbs that are giving seasonal strugglers life again.*

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