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Looking For Whole-Body Health Support? These Turmeric Supplements Do The Trick

mbg Supplement Editor

By Morgan Chamberlain

mbg Supplement Editor

Morgan Chamberlain is a supplement editor at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science degree in magazine journalism and a minor in nutrition.

Expert review by

Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN

mbg Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN is Vice President of Scientific Affairs at mindbodygreen. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Georgia.

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July 23, 2022

It’s no secret that we care about holistic health at mindbodygreen (and that we believe supplements are vital for supporting overall well-being). From probiotics for gut health to nootropics for focus and memory support, there are targeted supplements out there for every area of health you can imagine–but few are as multifaceted as turmeric.*

Whether you’re looking for post-workout recovery, mood support, or healthy digestion, turmeric’s potent antioxidant actions and powerful ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response together deliver universal health benefits and bolster holistic well-being.* We’ve scoured the market for the best turmeric supplements available today, so you can take full advantage of this ancient herb’s myriad perks.

Who might benefit from a turmeric supplement?

Thanks to its major bioactive phytonutrients (curcuminoids), turmeric is known for its powerful antioxidant actions in the body. This ancient herb’s intrinsic antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties support musculoskeletal health (e.g. resilience and recovery of joints and muscles), bolster skin health, foster a healthy gut microbiome and digestive system, and even provide neuroprotective and cardioprotective benefits.*

The only catch? The bioactives in turmeric root have notoriously low bioavailability. “The active and healing component in turmeric, curcumin, can be variable within the spice form. If you want more targeted treatment for your specific health concern, a turmeric supplement can be a quick and concentrated way to get that support,” explains clinical and culinary dietitian, Huma Chaudhry, R.D., LDN.

Doctor of clinical nutrition, Brooke Scheller, M.S., DCN, CNS, shares that a high-quality turmeric supplement is a powerful tool in her professional (and personal) toolbelt: “For myself and my clients, turmeric is one of my favorite herbs for whole-body health because it supports the brain, gut, muscles, joints, skin, heart, and so much more!”*

Whether intentionally supporting an active lifestyle or seeking some targeted support, the potential benefits of a bioavailable and bioeffective turmeric root supplement are far-reaching (and easily tailored to your unique health needs).*

Which form of turmeric should you choose?

Choosing a form of turmeric that can be effectively absorbed and utilized by the body is paramount. Remember: curcuminoids have relatively low bioavailability, so the type of turmeric included in a supplement can literally make or break your body’s chances of reaping the ancient herb’s many health benefits.

We’ve carefully selected the turmeric supplements in this list because they give you the best chance of harnessing the powerful actions of the botanical’s many bioactive phytonutrients, for antioxidant benefits and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response in the body.*

While bioavailability was top of mind while making these selections, mbg’s vice president of scientific affairs, Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, explains that a natural hierarchy exists among the different turmeric forms presented here.

“Amidst this entire turmeric product roundup, we have the gold medalist of turmeric root extract bioavailability: full-spectrum turmeric root extract, Acumin(TM)(featured in mbg’s turmeric potency+). We also have some stellar silver medalists (95% curcuminoid design, which is found in most of the other products) and bronze medalists, too (liposomal and phytosome format),” she says.

“Full-spectrum turmeric root extract is the winner, but the others definitely get to stand on the podium, too. The bioavailability advantage or differential is there, but it’s not 100 to zero. The ‘honorable mentions’ still have utility, just somewhat less than the winner,” Ferira concludes.

To further enhance the bioavailability of turmeric root extract with 95% curcuminoids and liposomal turmeric (i.e., the silver and bronze medalists), a phytonutrient called piperine, which comes from the Piper family fruits (e.g., black pepper extract), is often added to turmeric supplements.*

How we picked these supplements.

Turmeric root extract

All the product selections elevate the ancient Ayurvedic superfood spice, turmeric root (Curcuma longa) in all its herbal glory.*

Clean overall formula

You’ll find mostly vegan formulas that are intentionally minimalistic when it comes to their list of “other” ingredients.

Plant synergy

For incremental, botanical-driven health benefits, we include innovative products with synergistic plant extracts, such as ginger, black pepper, hemp, milk thistle, ashwagandha, and more.


Our selections include clinically meaningful doses of turmeric root extract in bioavailable formats, so you can actually benefit from this powerhouse herb for whole-body health.*

mbg’s picks for the best turmeric supplements


Turmeric-ginger-piperine trioFull-spectrum turmericSuperior bioavailability


Not for children

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

Prioritizing bioavailability and the synergistic healing properties of three dynamic plant extracts, our innovative formula features 500 milligrams of full-spectrum turmeric root, 150 milligrams full-spectrum ginger root, and five milligrams of black pepper fruit (with additional bio-enhancer piperine). The science–and turmeric podium results–don’t lie: “Gold medalist” Acumin(TM) full-spectrum turmeric boasts a clinically shown absorption advantage (via cutting-edge polar-nonpolar-sandwich, PNS, technology), boasting five and six times higher bioavailability than liposomal turmeric and turmeric oil, respectively, as well as five times higher bioavailability than liposomal turmeric and ten times higher bioavailability than turmeric root extract with 95% curcuminoids. With a powerhouse array of Ayurvedic herbs that exhibit superior bioavailability and bioefficacy (in just two daily capsules), turmeric potency+ tops the list of turmeric supplement contenders for whole-body and targeted health needs.*+

Best for joint support: MegaFood Turmeric Curcumin Extra Strength, Joint

Turmeric Curcumin Extra Strength, Joint

VIEW ON Amazon | $37VIEW ON iHerb | $37


Unique herbal blendCertified B Corp


Large tablets (can be tough to swallow)

Form: tablet

Dietary considerations: certified kosher, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

Thanks to its antioxidant actions and ability to help maintain a healthy inflammatory response, turmeric provides incredible musculoskeletal support. With 500 milligrams of turmeric root, 300 milligrams of turmeric root extract (with 95% curcuminoids), and three milligrams of piperine, this joint-focused serving of two tablets delivers a guaranteed minimum of 300 milligrams of curcuminoids daily. An herbal blend of boswellia, devil’s claw root, and ginger root extracts offer additional support for mobility and comfort, so your joints can move with ease.*

Best for post-workout recovery: Beam Revive


VIEW ON Beam | $85


Muscle support*Unique botanical blendShort list of “other” ingredients


Amount of curcuminoids unknownHigh price point

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

While turmeric is often utilized for its joint support, the ancient herb’s musculoskeletal benefits don’t stop there. As it turns out, curcuminoids are quite beneficial for assisting in muscle performance, resilience, and recovery. In two daily capsules, this exercise-focused formula features 375 milligrams of turmeric rhizome (aka root) extract, ten milligrams of black pepper extract, and an array of other botanicals that support an active lifestyle–including green tea, while willow bark, pine bark, and even a modest dose of hemp.*

Best for gut health: Garden of Life mykind Organics Extra Strength Turmeric

mykind Organics Extra Strength Turmeric

VIEW ON Amazon | $22VIEW ON iHerb | $22


Features fermented turmeric and gingerIncludes probioticsCertified B Corp


Probiotic CFU info unknownLong list of “other” ingredients

Form: tablet

Dietary considerations: USDA certified organic, certified kosher, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

From helping with inflammatory balance in the body to enhancing the diversity of beneficial gut microbiota, this fermented turmeric and probiotic combo supports a healthy gut. Boasting 100 curcuminoids per two-tablet serving (derived from turmeric root extract with 95% curcuminoids and a unique fermented turmeric blend), this organic, vegan formula pairs turmeric, fermented ginger, black pepper, and two probiotic strains to promote daily gut function.*

Best for cognition: Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro

Memory Pro

VIEW ON Amazon | $58VIEW ON Pure Formulas | $58


Memory support*Carotenoid phytonutrientsShort list of “other” ingredients


3 capsules per servingPlastic bottle

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Evidence shows that curcumin can help increase levels of the brain protein BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF supports the growth and function of neurons, which in turn promotes healthy cognitive function and brain longevity. In addition to 250 milligrams of turmeric root extract (with 95% curcuminoids), this nootropic supplement is jam-packed with other brain-loving botanicals (lemon balm, ginkgo, and bacopa), antioxidant phytonutrients (resveratrol, lutein, and zeaxanthin), an amino acid derivative (acetyl-L-carnitine), and phospholipid phosphatidylserine to promote memory support, cerebral blood flow, and neurotransmitter production.*

Best for stress: Rainbow Light Ayurvedic Complex

Ayurvedic Complex

VIEW ON Amazon | $20VIEW ON Rainbow Light | $20


Unique botanical blendFeatures adaptogenic herbs


Lower turmeric doseAmount of curcuminoids unknownPlastic bottle

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Lead by Ayurvedic herbs turmeric, ashwagandha, holy basil, and amla, this unique blend of botanicals offers stress resilience and helps soothe the central nervous system. While this supplement features a lower dose of turmeric root extract (i.e., 150 milligrams), it makes up for its lower potency with a vegan formula that’s chock-full of adaptogens and over 20 unique botanical extracts that help relieve everyday tension and deliver multifaceted stress management support.*


Unique blend of collagen peptides, micronutrients, phytonutrients, and bioactivesGrass-fed, pasture-raised collagenSugar-free


Collagen is not vegan (ever)

Form: powder

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

This innovative collagen-lead powder is a one-step beauty routine for a healthy gut, youthful skin, full hair, and strong nails. The hero here is 17.7 grams of pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine collagen peptides (that deliver types I and III collagen), with seven additional botanical ingredients–including 50 milligrams of turmeric extract (with 95% curcuminoids) to support skin and gut health, vitamins C and E for enhanced collagen production and antioxidant actions, hyaluronic acid to promote hydrated skin, critical protein building block and gut-centric energy source L-glutamine, biotin for overall beauty benefits, and sulforaphane from broccoli seed extract for supporting detoxification and combating oxidative stress. Choose the unflavored option to blend seamlessly into any dish or drink you desire, or the chocolate variety for a rich, decadent flavor (from organic cocoa and monk fruit extract).*

Best liver support: Thorne S.A.T(R)


VIEW ON Amazon | $36VIEW ON iHerb | $36


Promotes liver detoxification*Unique botanical trio


Amount of curcuminoids unknownUp to 3 capsules throughout the dayPlastic bottle

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free

Thanks to its potent antioxidant properties, turmeric can help bolster the body’s natural detoxification pathways (which, in turn, promotes whole-body health and longevity). This liver detox supplement formula features equal parts curcumin phytosome (i.e., a plant-based liposomal form) derived from turmeric, silybin phytosome (aka liposomal) derived from milk thistle, and artichoke leaf extract (150 milligrams each) to support liver health and function and promote whole-body detoxification.*

Best for immune balance: Designs for Health ImmunoMod-A(TM)


VIEW ON Amazon | $66VIEW ON Natural Healthy Concepts | $66


Innate & adaptive immune support*Immunomodulatory actions*


4 capsules per serving

Form: capsule

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian

Turmeric supports immune health by bolstering both innate and adaptive immune response and delivering whole-body antioxidant benefits. This immune-focused formula features 750 milligrams of curcuminoid powder (with 95% curcuminoids) to help promote the body’s antibody responses, plus bioactive N-acetyl glucosamine and Ayurvedic herb andrographis extract to to help modulate immune function. These immunomodulatory ingredients help promote a balanced inflammatory response, which in turn supports a robust immune system.*

Best organic: Truvani Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric Curcumin

VIEW ON Amazon | $35


Multi-functional useNo coating


3 tablets per servingPiperine amount unknown

Form: tablet

Dietary considerations: USDA certified organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan/vegetarian

If you want to pair the flavor and culinary experience of a modest dose of turmeric powder with a turmeric root extract supplement, look no further: These organic vegan turmeric tablets are coating-free, so you have the choice to take as a supplement or break up into a powder to mix with water, blend into smoothies, or even use in baked goods. With 150 milligrams of turmeric extract (with 95% curcuminoids), 1,350 milligrams of turmeric root powder (i.e., additional phytonutrients), ten milligrams of black pepper, and a relatively short list of “other” ingredients, this tablet formula is clean and leans into the Ayurvedic benefits of the turmeric herb.*

Best budget: Sports Research Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex(R)

Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex(R)

VIEW ON Amazon | $30


Price pointSoftgel delivery format


Contains tree nuts (food allergen)

Form: softgel

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free

For a low-cost turmeric supplement, these liquid softgels deliver. With 500 milligrams of turmeric extract (with 95% curcuminoids), five milligrams of black pepper with 95% piperine, and carefully selected “other ingredients (including organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, and kosher gelatin), these softgels provide 475 milligrams of curcuminoids in each serving and are recommended to be taken one to two times per day. Note: Vegans and those with tree nut allergies should avoid, due to gelatin and coconut oil excipients.*

Best gummy: Bulletproof Turmeric Gummies

Turmeric Gummies

VIEW ON Amazon | $25VIEW ON Bulletproof | $25


Turmeric-ginger duoNo added sugars


2 grams of sugar alcoholsNot for children

Form: gummy

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan/vegetarian

Environmental impact: sustainably packaged

Support muscle recovery and antioxidant activity daily with these yummy gummies. With 300 milligrams of turmeric extract (with 95% curcuminoids) and 350 milligrams of ginger root extract, these peach-ginger-flavored gummies deliver a one-two punch of Ayurvedic botanical support to promote a healthy active lifestyle. While the list of “other” ingredients is rather long, these pectin gummies do feature healthier alternatives (e.g., tapioca fiber, sunflower lecithin) than other gummy supplements. While no sugars are added, the tradeoff is two grams of sugar alcohols.*

Best liquid: MaryRuth Organics Turmeric & DHA

Turmeric & DHA

VIEW ON Amazon | $30


Orange ginger flavor profileKid friendly


Refrigeration requiredAmount of curcuminoids unknownLong list of “other” ingredientsPlastic bottle

Form: liquid

Dietary considerations: GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian

Liquid turmeric with comprehensive other functional cognitive health ingredients? Sign us up! With just one daily tablespoon (make sure to shake before getting your spoonful!), this liposomal turmeric supplement delivers 520 milligrams of turmeric extract, 50 milligrams of ginger root oil, 6.7 milligrams of vitamin E, and an array of additional, brain-healthy bioactives–including 210 milligrams of DHA derived from algal oil and phosphatidylcholine, which are vital to overall brain function. Bonus: This formula and its sweet orange ginger flavor profile are kid-friendly!*

Best powder: GoldynGlow Goldyn Mylk

Goldyn Mylk

VIEW ON GoldynGlow | $32


Ayurvedic root and spice blendRich source of manganese mineral


Amount of curcuminoids unknownExcess packaging

Form: powder

Dietary considerations: USDA certified organic, certified kosher, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan/vegetarian

This Ayurveda-inspired golden milk blend of traditional spices and botanicals is a personal favorite of registered dietitian nutritionist Mascha Davis, R.D., MPH. “I really like the taste, the organic and pure ingredient profile, and the health benefits,” she previously told mbg. And what’s not to love? With all-organic spices turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and black pepper and just a dash of organic coconut sugar, this grounding powder can be used to boost savory dishes and sweet beverages alike. “I use these turmeric blends all the time in everything from golden lattes to soups,” Davis notes. Choose between five-gram packets (for when you’re on the go) or a four-ounce pouch (for home)–either way, if it’s versatility and functionality you crave, this turmeric powder doesn’t disappoint!

Turmeric Supplement FAQs

Why would I need or consider a turmeric supplement?

Turmeric and its major bioactive polyphenolic phytonutrients (curcuminoids) are known for their powerful antioxidant properties and actions throughout the body, as well as their intrinsic ability to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.* These critical physiological pathways support the function, resilience, and recovery of entire body, including the musculoskeletal system (e.g., joints and muscles), as well as heart, skin, digestive, immune, and even brain health.* Whether you’re looking to support an active lifestyle or seeking targeted support for a specific area of health, this multifaceted Ayurvedic herb delivers universal antioxidant actions that promote both specialized and whole-body well-being. In short, we believe turmeric is an herbal daily essential that everyone can benefit from!*

When is the best time to take a turmeric supplement?

As long as you choose a turmeric supplement with effective (or in some cases, superior) absorption and bioavailability (like those listed in this roundup), you can benefit from the health benefits of turmeric at any point in the day! Whether you take your turmeric supplement in the morning, afternoon, or evening is totally up to you, but many people like to leverage the power of this ancient herb in the morning or midday to reap whole-body benefits (or targeted support, like for joints) during the bulk of their waking hours.*

How much turmeric should I take?

While there is no recommended daily requirement for botanical herbs (like we have for essential macronutrients and micronutrients), the science indicates a range of anywhere from 500 milligrams of turmeric root extract to 1,000 milligrams on up is healthy and effective, depending on the turmeric source, bioavailability, and desired health outcome.* For more information, check out our article on optimal turmeric dosage.

Curcuminoids have absorption challenges. How can I enhance turmeric’s bioavailability?

Research has demonstrated that curcumin (turmeric’s major bioactive curcuminoid) has relatively low natural bioavailability due to its suboptimal absorption rate in the gut, rapid metabolism in the body, and thus, elimination from the body. Choosing a turmeric supplement that’s clinically shown to demonstrate superior bioavailability (like mbg’s turmeric potency+, which features full-spectrum turmeric root extract that leverages polar-nonpolar-sandwich technology, as Acumin(TM)) or the addition of black pepper (which contains piperine, a natural bio-enhancer) can absorb and utilize curcuminoids in order to take advantage of their health benefits.*

The takeaway.

The variability of turmeric’s forms, doses, and general bioavailability can make choosing a turmeric supplement a little…complicated. Use this comprehensive roundup to find a high-quality turmeric supplement tailored to you and your health needs–or as a launchpad for your own market research!

To find out why Ayurveda and longevity experts choose mbg’s turmeric potency+ to promote their own health and well-being, read their insights here.*

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

+ Acumin(TM) research has demonstrated superior bioavailability, curcuminoid serum response, and stability compared to other common forms of turmeric root extract (e.g., volatile oil, phospholipid/liposomal, and standard 95% curcumin).

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