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Looking To Up Your Daily Protein Intake? This Ingredient Is A Winner

Collagen, however, is not technically a complete protein as it lacks one essential amino acid called tryptophan. This means that while collagen peptides can contribute to daily protein intake, you’ll obviously complement them with an array of other protein sources (depending on your dietary pattern and preferences, of course) throughout the day.

But in the mbg beauty & gut collagen+ powder, you’ll be getting more than just protein: Powerful additions to this blend include hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, biotin, L-glutamine, and more. These ingredients collectively contribute to skin and gut health, making one serving of this powder worthwhile, beyond adding 16 grams of protein to your daily diet.*

If you’re still unsure if a traditional protein powder or collagen supplement is right for you, check out this in-depth comparison to learn more.

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