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Make This One Swap In Your Routine To Prevent Body Breakouts, Says A Derm

It’s an unfortunate truth: Anywhere you have a pore, you can have acne. What’s more, as warm weather comes around, you’ll often accrue more oil in sweatier places like the back, hairline, butt, etc. This can result in clogged pores, which, you guessed it, can then lead to acne.

Treating body acne is actually not too different from treating breakouts on the face: You want to keep up with exfoliation, use acne-fighting ingredients, and, as always, tend to the moisture barrier. The skin on your body can generally tolerate a higher percentage of active ingredients than your face, mainly because the skin is thicker and generally less sensitive. Still, some products can be way too aggressive–namely, harsh scrubs. Here, a worthy swap.

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