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Mars Retrograde Is Just As Disruptive As Mercury Rx–And It’s Coming Up

This Tuesday, October 25, the new moon in mystical Scorpio arrives as a rare solar eclipse.

As the crossing moon dims the light of the Sun, what you don’t see may be far more telling than anything your eyes radar in on.

Stay open to non-obvious insights and chance encounters. A bond that begins today could develop into a strong soul connection. Shared finances, passive income, and property matters come under the microscope, especially since this new moon lands next to value-driven Venus.

How can you pool funds for greater wealth? If you’ve been spending indiscriminately, start tucking more away for the future. If financial lingo is foreign to you, ask friends for recommendations on personal finance books, software, or a personal money manager while messenger Mercury heading into Scorpio from Saturday to November 17.


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On Friday, philosophical Jupiter, which has been retrograde in high-octane Aries since July 28, slips back one spot on the zodiac wheel into enlightened Pisces.

Woosahhhh. While the backspin wages on until November 23, you may still feel some relief. This serenity-restoring cycle can feel like a head trip at first–especially after the frenetic pace of Jupiter in Aries. But like the tornado that transported Dorothy Gale (and Diana Ross!) to Oz, you might feel like a portal opened and snatched you back into another dimension. How to navigate this yellow brick road? Surrender to divine timing and let things flow. (Call it an energy-conservation plan.)

Warning: This paranoia-provoking cycle may bring confusion and delusion. Don’t believe the hype! That “news” story sent by your conspiracy-theory-loving friend needs to be scoured for truth, with the instincts of a private investigator. Careful not to hop on the collective fear bandwagon during Jupiter’s remaining tour through Pisces until December 20. Conversely, don’t drop your guard so much that you put yourself in danger.

Sunday comes with a strong FOMO alert thanks to Mars retrograde.

If variety is the spice of life, then season with care over the next two and a half months. Frenetic Mars turns retrograde in Gemini until January 12, 2023, a cycle bound to churn up confusion and creative insight in equal measure. There will be a zillion great ideas forming, but which ones really make sense to pursue? Making any kind of a decision could be downright mind-boggling as there will always be another avenue to explore. Anxiety-provoking, too!

Buyer’s remorse may kick in before you’ve hit “send” on that DocuSign. Choosing a “good enough” option may be better than not choosing at all. But conduct solid research first. Disinformation travels fast with the brash planet off course in signal-scrambling Gemini. Arguments with peers (coworkers, neighbors, relatives close in age) could get ugly now. Do your level best to play nice and avoid gossiping at all costs. Find a workout buddy (twinning!) who can keep you motivated to bust through stress the Mars-inspired way: through physical exertion.

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