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Naomi Watts Loves This Collagen Powder For Healthy Hair

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Plus, we know that shielding hair follicles and strands from oxidative stress is crucial to keep them healthy and full. Free radicals that come from UV rays, pollution, stress, et al., can lead to oxidative stress in the body–your skin and hair included. In order to combat this oxidative stress, it helps to call upon free-radical fighters like antioxidants.* We included vitamins C and E, plus curcuminoid-laden turmeric and broccoli-sourced sulforaphane, in our beauty & gut collagen+ blend for this very reason (antioxidant power and benefits).*

Next, the essential B vitamin biotin is actually required for healthy hair at a cellular level, as it is involved in the production of keratin, the main structural protein component of hair.* We think way more research is needed on biotin and hair, but science has demonstrated that inadequate biotin levels (i.e., biotin status in the blood) are relatively common in women dealing with hair loss. Furthermore, a small study in women did report hair growth when supplementing with biotin (as part of a multi-ingredient supplement with other nutrients and bioactives like vitamin C, zinc, horsetail, and more) compared to those given a placebo.* Hence, the 500 micrograms of biotin in each serving of our supplement blend.

Finally, we can’t forget about a healthy, supple scalp–a thriving scalp is the root of all hair growth, after all. To support scalp hydration, we added hyaluronic acid to the formula. As you’ve probably heard by now, hyaluronic acid is great for supporting moisture levels in the skin.* Well, the scalp is skin, too, and it needs proper hydration in order to thrive.

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