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Need A Little Motivation? Add This To Your Spiritual Toolbox

Red jasper is a variety of quartz and is in the chalcedony mineral class. Jasper can come in many colors, though red jasper, in particular, can have high levels of iron, resulting in the color red. And along with being found in parts of the U.S., red jasper is also mined in Russia, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and all around Western Europe.

According to crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse Jewelry Heather Askinosie, red jasper is most known for helping people get things done. “It helps with procrastination and taking action,” she tells mbg, adding, “The mantra for red jasper is ‘I take action.'”

Historically, she notes, ancient Egyptians would carve the stone into protective amulets because they believe red jasper could ward off negative spirits, and in Native American legend, red jasper is believed to be the blood of Mother Earth.

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