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Need A Mood Lift & An Antioxidant Boost? This Citrusy Essential Oil Can Help

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There are myriad ways you can utilize lemon oil’s benefits throughout your house–from your kitchen to your bathroom! “Lemon essential oil can be diffused in the home, mixed into body care products (e.g., mists, toners, and hydrosols), used in cleaning products, and more,” says Robinett.

Add a few drops of lemon oil to a diffuser to brighten your mood or increase your alertness. She suggests using it in the morning for a little emotional lift, or midday when attention tends to dip. It’s also a great ally during winter when you may notice your mood plummet.

Zolfaghari says that the energizing aroma will not only prompt an uplifting energy to your space, but also help cleanse and purify the air since lemon oil has antibacterial properties.

Have lemon oil that you want to incorporate into your skin care routine? Zolfaghari suggests adding a drop to your evening moisturizer to help give your skin a natural glow. “Just be sure your skin is not sensitive following sun exposure and do not combine with any retinols,” she notes.

For an at-home spa night, make a lemon body scrub to stimulate lymphatic drainage. “Add 10 drops of lemon oil and a tablespoon of jojoba oil into an ounce of Himalayan salt. Use it all over in the shower, giving particular attention to areas that might benefit from its anti-inflammatory actions,” Leigh Winters, M.A., M.S., previously wrote for mbg.

Lemon oil is also used in supplements, especially fish oils (like mbg’s omega-3 potency+, which uses organic lemon oil to combat fishy burps and encourage freshness).*

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