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Need To Calm Down Right Away? This Supplement Is Like An Instant Meditation

What makes calm+ unique is that it combines this foundational ingredient for long-term stress resilience with faster actors like hemp oil and lavender oil.* You’ve probably heard about how hemp oil and its phytocannabinoids like CBD can quickly engage relaxation in the body.* They do this by way of the endocannabinoid system, engaging the body’s master regulator to calm down–and fast.* Lavender’s impact on stress doesn’t get as much attention, but it really should: In neuroimaging studies, the flower’s extracts have been shown to interact with key brain receptors in a way that provides calming, anxiousness-reducing benefits.*

When combined, these ingredients work to deliver a quick sense of calm amidst the craziness while helping build a solid foundation of long-term stress resilience. “Taking calm+ daily helps me get through stressful situations–a screaming toddler, a stressful meeting, or a turbulent flight–with a little bit more ease,” says mbg’s co-founder and co-CEO Colleen Wachob. “[It] has a palpable calming effect on my body and mind that lasts all day long.”

calm+ can also be taken at any time of day or night. Holistic chef Laura Lea opts to take the supplement before bed, as that’s when her mind typically races the most. “After three weeks of consistently using calm+ in the early evenings, I felt less stressed around bedtime, and it’s easier for me to shut my brain down,” she notes. Reviewer Martha Fischler opts to take hers in the afternoon on days when she knows she has a lot on her plate. “When I do, the supplement helps me approach challenges and obstacles from a more level-headed place. It helps quiet down my feelings of anxiousness and frustration, freeing me up to make good decisions and get through the day with a positive mood,”* she notes.

All in all, calm+ customer Mark W. writes in his review, “This formula is phenomenal for improving one’s response to the daily stressors of life that are ubiquitous in today’s world.”*

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