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Nicole Scherzinger Swears This Serum Is Like Therapy For Her Skin

If I had to describe Nicole Scherzinger in one word, it would be radiant. The singer, dancer, and actor is the epitome of a beachy bronzed goddess, with her warm, easygoing attitude and her seriously glowing complexion (born in Honolulu, she also frequently honors her Hawaiian heritage).

But Scherzinger knows that her lit-from-within glow comes from, well, within–she approaches her beauty routine with a rather holistic lens, prioritizing skin health from the inside out. In fact, when I had the chance to catch up with the iconic singer-songwriter, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer simplicity of her topical line-up: plenty of hydration, vitamin C, plus an affinity for glow drops (duh). Scherzinger knows when your body gets enough antioxidants and minerals, your skin just emanates light.

And below, she raves about her must-haves for bright, dewy skin. Along with her favorite liquid highlighters and illuminating serums, you’ll find her daily practices that rejuvenate her whole body. Talk about a glow from head to toe.

The tried-and-true: Tea time.

“I’ve been drinking tea my whole life. I love tea. It’s a big part of starting my day. I have it throughout the day when I have cravings or [while I’m] snacking, but I love it. I’m really excited that I have my limited edition gift set with Vadham.

“[My favorite in the set] is Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea, because I’m Hawaiian and I love rose everything. The Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea as well, and the Mint Melody Green Tea–they’re really good. They’re made with the best ingredients, and you can tell.

“For me, I call it tea time. It’s about taking time for myself where I just need to reflect, get my mind organized, or meditate. The turmeric one [helps] deal with inflammation; it’s so good for you.”

Vadham Nicole Scherzinger Assorted Gift Collection$ 44.99A tea for every mood. This curated selection (hand-picked by Scherzinger herself!) features six, high-quality and delicious tea blends: a hibiscus rose, vanilla spice, sweet cinnamon, turmeric spice, mint melody, and sweet Himalayan. The premium, flavorful batches are made from a variety of garden-fresh ingredients sourced from India. You’ll be sure to find a blend you love.

The surprise hit: A greens powder.

“It’s a green powder. It’s called Athletic Greens. You want to get all your vitamins, minerals, and everything good for you, but greens powders usually taste disgusting. That one actually tastes amazing, so I enjoy taking it every day.

“It’s something that I think is essential for the day as well. You’re able to get all of your vitamins, minerals, everything that you need in one drink, and it doesn’t have to be disgusting. I just love it.”

Athletic Greens$ 79This greens powder contains 75 high-quality vitamins and minerals to support immune health, energy, metabolic health, digestive health, focus, cognitive support, and hormonal balance. There’s zero added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, but they do use a small amount of stevia to naturally flavor the blend.

The secret: Hot & cold therapy.

“I’m pretty simple with my beauty regimen. I think the biggest thing for me is what I do before, and that’s lots of water. Whether it’s exercise, sweating, getting in my sauna, or doing a cold plunge or a cold shower, that’s a big part of a beauty routine. It gets rid of the swelling and inflammation, it tightens your pores, and it makes your skin and mental state super alive and awake. Your skin is more glowy, so that’s a trick that I do.

“Combining the hot and the cold–I love that aspect. I think I always look my best after a workout or a sweat. I just do.”


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The splurge: Soothing skin care.

“The products that I use on my face are all Dr. Barbara Sturm. I use the Night Serum, the masks, the creams, the vitamin C serum, and the Glow Drops. Like, I use everything by Barbara Sturm.

“If I’m honest with you, since I’ve hit my 40s, my skin has gone to shit. I’m allergic to everything. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow her products help my allergies in my skin. It helps the irritation; it helps everything. Honestly, her products are like medicine for my skin. It evens it out and makes it more glowy. I’ve never even told her this, but her products are like therapy for my skin.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops$ 150These glow drops instantly brighten your complexion and nix a sallow appearance, stat. With hyaluronic acid plus antioxidant-rich bistorta root extract, wild rose extract, and purslane extract, the formula instantly balances and hydrates your skin tone. Either apply it on its own to brighten up certain areas, or mix it into your moisturizer for an all-over glow.

What my makeup artist taught me: Hydration is everything.

“When I started using face masks, that really changed my life. It’s so hydrating–I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was, that it always just sucks up everything. And then those facial roller tools feel like I’m carving cheekbones out. So I think those have really been useful.

“I like the 111 Skin [masks] because they feel like gel. They feel like your skin. [I like] the rose gold one. It just feels like skin on your face, and it’s just so juicy. You feel pretty–you don’t feel like you look like, I don’t know, an Avatar or something. And it’s great when I put the mask in the fridge.”

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask$ 32As you can probably tell, Scherzinger is a fan of glow-inducing formulas. And this hydrogel mask provides the most radiant results: colloidal gold, peptides and rose damask gently brighten and plump the skin, prepping it for all of your subsequent serums, creams, and base makeup.

The signature: A bronzed, dewy glow.

“Maybe bronzy, dewy skin. Because of my pigment–I’m Hawaiian Filipino–I’ve always loved a really dewy [look]. I don’t like a lot of powder, just really dewy, illuminating, and highlighted skin.

“Cut to a couple years ago before all these influencers came out with 8 million makeup tutorials, these were all secrets. You know, adding highlighter to your moisturizer or to your foundation, all these illuminating glows. But now I feel like everybody does all this stuff all the time, so it’s not as much [of a beauty secret].

“I always like the Laura Mercier Natural Skin Illuminator, because it’s really light, and I don’t like to wear foundation a lot. What I’ve been trying to do is just wear more concealers lately with a multi-palette and not foundations. I just got this one–I’m going to try it out–by About-Face; it’s called their Highlight Fluid. I like Anastasia’s Liquid Glow, because it’s small and compact, and I like the lightness. The gold color is really warm.”

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Light Revealer Natural Skin Illuminator SPF 25$ 53It’s like a tinted moisturizer and highlighter wrapped into one–pearl blends add some subtle sheen to the sheer, buildable coverage, and the French algae makes the formula oh-so hydrating.

About-Face Light Lock Highlight Fluid$ 18This water-resistant liquid highlighter is just divine. It delivers buildable, long-lasting, mega-watt shine–what more could you ask for?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow$ 25For more of a precise highlight, you can’t go wrong with this classic full-pigment formula. The packaging may be tiny, but the shine is next-level.


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