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One Zodiac Sign Will Be The Luckiest In Love This Year — Is It Yours?

This sign will be luckiest in love this year.

The zodiac sign that will have the most luck in love this year is…drumroll, please…Sagittarius! A sign known to shy away from commitment from time to time, you might be singing a different tune in 2023, Sag. According to the twins, a romantic renaissance–and potentially a reckoning–is on the horizon.

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving through your fifth house of romance, fame, and self-expression until May 16, you may be particularly magnetic to admirers. And speaking of the houses, there’s going to be another important placement in your fifth house this year: the North Node.

As the twins explain, it’s returning to Aries (and your fifth house) for the first time in almost 20 years. “And frankly, you’ll be more than ready for the playful, frisky vibes this cycle brings,” they add.

There’s also one other house that’s particularly relationship-minded–the seventh house. And Mars in Gemini just so happens to be in your seventh house until mid-March.

As the twins explain, this activity in your seventh house is going to “accelerate your drive to connect with anyone who holds dynamic duo potential,” on top of the compounding effects of Jupiter and the North Node in your fifth house.

How Sags can make the most of their love lives this year.

So, how can you lean into to this lovey-dovey year? According to the twins, it’s in your best interest to squeeze in as many dates as possible. “Proposals, weddings, or babymaking could be on deck for Archers through mid-May or perhaps a renewed relationship chapter that feels like a second (or third) honeymoon,” they add.

Summer is going to be a sizzler this year as well, with Venus on a long tour through Leo and your travel-oriented ninth house. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity for a vacation with your S.O., or even a long-distance romance, the twins say.

Just watch out for Venus in retrograde from July 22 to September 3. You could feel an urge to rebel, and the truth could get “slippery,” the twins note, so they recommend not making promises you can’t keep or changing your entire life for a love interest.

And even if all’s well on the relationship front, this year could bring you some particular challenges when it comes to home and family, and you may crave more simplicity.

As the twins explain, one of the best ways you can support yourself through it is by minding your health, particularly in the first half of the year, as the stars “reward your efforts to eat green, clean, and lean.” After all, if it’s love you’re after, few things are more attractive than someone who takes good care of themselves.


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The takeaway.

Sagittarius may not be known for being the most relationship-oriented sign, but in 2023, romance will very much be in the air. Whether it’s a long distance fling, a relationship turned engagement, or finding new love right around the corner, Sag, you’re meant to embrace it in 2023.

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