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Only 6% Of People Have This Rare, Magnetic Personality Type — Do You?

In the workplace, people with the ESFJ personality type want to feel like they’re part of a team or community, which Koonz notes is often extended to work relationships with third parties, such as clients. Blaylock-Solar also notes that they don’t have a problem being in positions of authority, in which case they are typically supportive without micro-managing.

“They would be someone who brings a lot of structure to things, and they’re good at getting what needs to be done, done–but they also need very clear and direct instructions, very clear hierarchies without a lot of ambiguity, to do that,” she adds.

ESFJs want to ensure that others feel included, says Koonz, so they tend to be the individual that create bonds in the workplace. “They are enthusiastic about onboarding new people, making meaningful connections, and upholding the company ethos,” she explains, adding, “While type preferences shouldn’t be used to limit or exclude someone from specific career paths (any type can do any job!), those with ESFJ preferences tend to choose careers that allow them to focus on the needs of others and determine how best to promote harmony or create a familial atmosphere in the workplace.”

Little by little, their greater goal is to make a difference in the world. They are likely to be great team players and try to support their co-workers as much as possible. You can expect someone with this personality type preference to complete their tasks accurately and punctually. When in leadership positions, one of their main concerns is the emotional well-being of their teams as they’re constantly considering the impact of their decisions on people. Among the careers that are likely to be good choices for ESFJs are roles in medicine, education, nursing, counseling, and human resources.

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