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Oval Nails 101: How To Master The Shape + Nail Care Tips

Oval nails look like, well, an oval. They have a rounded shape but more length on the sides than classic round nails. This shape can technically be achieved on shorter nails, but it will be a bit more difficult to do evenly.

If you want a rounded tip but don’t have the length to support an oval shape, consider starting with a round nail first and growing your way into an oval.

There are plenty of perks to opting for oval tips. For one, like rounded nails, this shape helps protect from breakage. Harsh corners and sharp edges can get caught on clothing and break easily if you’re using your hands often. Rounded, soft edges, however, tend to run into fewer casualties.

For nail art lovers, oval could be your next favorite. “Oval won’t cut off the shape and can display your art better,” celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein tells mbg. So if you’re looking to nail down a colorful french tip or try your hand at more intricate designs, oval is a perfect fit.

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