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Poor Circulation? Try This Simple Yoga Pose To Get Your Blood Pumping

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mbg Associate Food & Health Editor

By Merrell Readman

mbg Associate Food & Health Editor

Merrell Readman is the Associate Food & Health Editor at mindbodygreen. Readman is a Fordham University graduate with a degree in journalism and a minor in film and television. She has covered beauty, health, and well-being throughout her editorial career.

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Yoga has been well documented for its benefits on your overall health, and there’s a lengthy list of reasons backing why yoga deserves a place in your wellness routine.

If you’re in search of a yoga pose that helps to improve blood flow and promote grounding and balance, plow pose is the perfect movement to stretch your spine and connect you with the earth. As for how to practice the move, certified yoga teacher Phyllicia Bonanno has you covered. Below, she demonstrates how to find this posture, plus you’ll find some helpful tips and modifications for getting the most out of plow pose.

How to do plow pose.

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Demonstrated by Phyllicia Bonanno.

From a shoulder stand, hinge at your hips and slowly lower your legs behind you until your toes touch the ground.

Interlace your fingers, and press your hands down onto the mat in front of you.

Release your hands, and ground down into the mat with your palms. Slowly lower your legs back down to the mat, one vertebra at a time.

Once your entire body is on the mat, rest and breathe.

Form tips.

Control is the name of the game when it comes to yoga, and plow pose is no exception. As you extend your legs over the back of your head, make sure to engage your core to keep this movement controlled by your muscles rather than gravity.

“Align your hips over your shoulders and keep a space between your chin and chest,” adds health coach and yoga instructor Lauren Bongiorno. This will allow breath to flow through your body as you complete the movement.

Plow pose is said to be great for your overall well-being, as well: “This pose calms your mind and nervous system and also stimulates the organs responsible for healthy digestion and detoxification,” notes registered yoga teacher Claire Grieve.

Modifications & variations.



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Plow pose is fairly accessible for beginners as it is, but if you don’t feel comfortable or flexible enough to lower your feet all the way to the ground, a simple shoulder stand is another great option that can help to calm and center your mind while stretching out your back body.

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Demonstrated by Phyllicia Bonanno.

Shoulder Stand

Start lying on your mat, then inhale as you lift your legs up to the sky.

You have the option to stay here or lift your hips and lower back up and off the mat.

Support your lower back with your hands.

Add it to your routine.

Easily integrated into the end of nearly any yoga flow to help re-center your mind and release tension within the body, plow pose can be great for days when you’re feeling a little scattered and need a moment to stretch and breathe. Try this 12-minute yoga flow for grounding, guided by Bonanno if you’re in need of inspiration.

Plow pose can also be great for promoting circulation, as well, and this short flow from Grieve is meant to boost your energy and help you feel great while grounding and centering your mental space.

The intersection between fitness and mental well-being is prominent, and plow pose is the perfect move to utilize for an array of benefits within the body.

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