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Run Don’t Walk: Here’s A Hack To Make Any Lip Color Work For You In Seconds

If you think the new lip color you bought is mediocre at best, here’s what you need to do: Prep your color with brown lip liner. It creates a slight barrier around the lipstick you’re layering on, so the color will bleed into to the very edge of the liner and blend into a cohesive look.

This trick will help bring some definition back to your lips, especially if you’re experimenting with a lighter shade. And if you overline your lips just a bit, you might be able to trick some more volume as well.

There are tons of brown lip liners out there, but you’ll want to find a creamy formula that’s hydrating and easy to blend. This way you’ll avoid the liner-only look we mentioned earlier (unless that’s what you’re going for, then please, carry on!).

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