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So Does Collagen Make You Poop? Here’s What The Research Says

In the study, 40 healthy women took 20 grams of bovine collagen peptides each day, split into two servings. The results? After eight weeks of collagen supplementation, 93% (13 out of 14 women) of those who completed the study experienced noteworthy improvements in digestion, including bloating and abdominal comfort.*

Additionally, poop came into play: 94% (15 out of 16 women) increased their bowel movement frequency. More specifically, 19% (3 out of 16 women) increased from historically going #2 only once per week or less to once per day since starting the collagen supplement.

The study notes that potential explanations for this change in bowel movement frequency could be a shift in the gut microbiome composition because of the increased protein load or simply because of an increase in water consumption (or some other exciting mechanism, so TBD!). This particular area of research is young, so more studies will help us really understand how collagen supplementation might assist with laxation (aka poops).*

Given this GI-focused collagen study, it’s worth mentioning that mindbodygreen’s beauty & gut collagen+ formula includes 17.7 grams of bovine collagen peptides, which certainly falls within the ballpark of magnitude of the research above. Plus, mbg’s unique formula leverages seven other unique bioactives to bolster collagen’s actions–including L-glutamine, which is a critical nutrient for the cells in the gut, supporting a healthy intestinal lining for GI barrier function and integrity.*

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