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Spin From Home With These More Affordable Peloton Alternatives

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September 14, 2022

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It’s no secret that Peloton has been a leader in at-home fitness culture. Its iconic bike, user-friendly app, and star instructors have made the brand into something of an empire.

But at $2,495 for the Bike+ Basic model and mandatory $44 per month subscription fee to access classes, shopping for a Peloton bike can lead to a serious case of sticker shock–or even buyer’s remorse if it ends up collecting more dust than you anticipated.

As an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialization in orthopedic exercise, I often advise my clients to choose a form of cardiorespiratory activity they predominantly enjoy. That way, they’re more likely to adhere to their workout routine.

Thankfully, the market is flooded with incredible Peloton alternatives that help you kick your workouts up a notch, fit into a tight space in your living room, and still make you feel like you’re partying with your pals in a ritzy boutique fitness studio. Here, I’ve rounded up the best Peloton alternatives of 2022 to shop right now.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or looking to add the sport to your repertoire, there are tons of Peloton alternatives on the market that can help you reach your fitness goals while staying within budget. What’s more is that many of these incredible Peloton alternative options come with so much more than many of us bargain for, like additional gym equipment, the support of motivating world-class trainers, built-in cooling fans, and thousands of engaging classes suitable for all levels. Who knows? This might just be your sign to take one of our top picks for a spin.

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