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Stave Off Hunger With This Fiber-Rich Wild Blueberry & Oat Smoothie

How a fiber-rich breakfast helps keep you full for longer.

According to a 2022 article from Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, dietary fiber helps reduce hunger, regulate appetite, and prolong satiety1 (i.e., feelings of fullness).* If you find yourself battling intense hunger between meals, it may be time to add more fiber-rich foods to your plate.

Thanks to their plant-centric nature, smoothies are an innately fiber-rich breakfast choice. However, this wild blueberry oat smoothie takes its fiber content to the next level, thanks to a few key ingredients.

Wild blueberries2, bananas3, and oats4 are naturally high in soluble fiber, but the true fiber superstar in this recipe is mindbodygreen’s organic fiber potency+, which includes both soluble and insoluble fiber and adds a whopping six grams of total dietary fiber to this delicious breakfast.

All together, this smoothie delivers 18 grams of dietary fiber! Depending on age and life stage, that’s 62-85% of the daily recommended fiber intake for women and 47-60% for men before noon (not too shabby!).

The added antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy carbs in this well-rounded breakfast make it the perfect start to your day.


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Fiber-Rich Wild Blueberry Oat Smoothie


1 cup frozen wild blueberries1/2 frozen banana1/4 cup rolled oats1 scoop organic fiber potency+1 cup unsweetened oat milk (or milk of choice)1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract1/4 teaspoon cinnamon2 tablespoons granola (optional)1 teaspoon honey (optional)

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Combine wild blueberries, banana, oats, organic fiber potency+, oat milk, vanilla, and cinnamon in a blender. Blend until smooth.Pour the wild blueberry smoothie into a glass. Garnish with granola and drizzled honey.

The takeaway.

If you’re looking for a filling and delicious breakfast to kickstart your morning, try this fiber- and antioxidant-rich smoothie. (And learn more about organic fiber potency+ here .) Your stomach and tastebuds will thank you!

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

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