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Support Your Libido And Get In The Mood With These Delicious New Gummies*

So when the lights are turned down low but all we can think about is whether our boss likes us–what to do? The key is making less stress and more desire a daily priority. “Anything that reduces stress will naturally create easier access to your libido,” Dr. Holly explains–and that’s where Dame’s new Desire Gummies come in. With a delicious strawberry-mango flavor, this exciting new supplement is designed to support mood, desire, and connectivity.* These gummies are a simple routine for making sure that fire is lit when it’s go-time… But how?

Stress is one of the leading causes of decreased libido for women, so Desire Gummies work to support our mental state through a powerful blend of desire-boosting ingredients.* They’re formulated with Sensoril(R) ashwagandha leaf & root extract, clinically shown to support stress management, mood, focus, concentration, and more.* But they also include L-theanine to promote relaxation, shatavari to promote hormonal balance, rhodiola to support our body’s sympathetic nervous system, and mucuna, an aphrodisiac that plays a role in our brain’s dopamine production.*

Ultimately, stress support is libido support… And Dr. Holly agrees: Dame’s gummies are unique in the market because they tackle the core issues of low desire, which studies show is stress.* The natural, active ingredients support relaxation and stress reduction.* Other ingredients target increased mood, which directly impacts how connected to their partner a woman feels.*” These gummies are a simple and fun way to prioritize pleasure on the regular, but there are a few other ways you can take desire even further.

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