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The $13 Tool That Saved My Home From Excess Pet Fur

In the past, my dog would growl or try nibble at my fingers when I was brushing her, but the Shiny Pet Dog Comb is so gentle that she barely notices (unless the teeth come against a particularly large tangle). This makes grooming a more pleasant experience for both of us and ensures I can actually make my way through her lush coat.

Despite having a gentler pull, the comb is no less efficient. It easily powers through the undercoat to remove loose fur, which collects around the base of the teeth. Once the brush starts to feel full, I slip the bundle of hair off the teeth and toss into my compost. Just five minutes of combing often leaves me with a pile of loose fur at least the size of a grapefruit (if not a melon)–and a happy pup.

Along with finding a low-effort way to groom my dog, the biggest perk of adding this comb to my toolbox has been a huge reduction in shedding. I find far fewer tumbleweeds of fur under the couch, and spend less time trying to remove stray strands from my clothing. Plus, her coat looks incredible (as evidenced below).

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