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The 7 Best Mattresses For Scoliosis That Actually Support Your Spine


Jamey Powell

Medical reviewer:

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.

October 10, 2022

Contributing writer

By Jamey Powell

Contributing writer

Jamey Powell is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. Previously the senior market editor at, she has years of experience scouring endless product reviews and testing out the latest and greatest products in the sleep, fitness, and nutrition markets.

Medical review by

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.


Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is an American Board Family Medicine-certified physician who completed her family medicine training at Georgia Regents University/Medical College of Georgia.

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October 10, 2022

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High quality sleep is essential for everyone–but people with scoliosis have to pay particular attention to their sleep set up, due to the abnormal curvature of their spine (which is often curved in an “S” or “C” shape). While the best mattress for scoliosis won’t solve the condition, finding the right bed to support your spine can have a huge impact on your sleep quality, and therefore on your overall quality of life.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons says scoliosis affects an estimated 6 to 9 million people in the United States. To find out what people with scoliosis should look for in a mattress, and to determine the best mattresses for scoliosis, we consulted Cameron Yuen, DPT, CSCS, and director of rehab and training at Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy in New York City.

Keep scrolling to learn more and to shop our picks for the best mattresses for scoliosis.

According to Yuen, the severity of your scoliosis is a determining factor when it comes to sleeping positions. Here’s what to consider for each position:

Side sleeping

“When the spine curves sideways, it’s important to give extra padding on the areas that are more convex, and support for the areas that are more concave, especially if you will be lying on your side,” Yuen explains. “If you have a more severe scoliosis, you will likely benefit from also using small or soft pillows to fill in and support the more concave areas.” You can place the pillows between your knees or under your hips–whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

Back sleeping

The CLEAR Scoliosis institute and Yuen agree that the best sleep position possible for people with scoliosis is on your back. “The forward and backward deviations of the spine are generally less severe, so sleeping on your back can be a great option if it is comfortable,” Yuen explains.

Back sleepers may also consider supplementing with a pillow under the knees to relieve any additional pressure in the lower back.

Stomach sleeping

Because sleeping on your stomach causes your head, neck, and hips to twist out of alignment, this position is not recommended for people with scoliosis.

Preferred sleep position

Back sleepers will benefit from a medium-firm or firm mattress, particularly a hybrid for its responsive support. If you’re a strict side-sleeper, on the other hand, a firmer surface might end up causing more pain on your pressure points.

“A softer mattress would be preferable if you tend to sleep on your side,” says Yuen. “This is because there will be greater pressure on certain areas due to the spine curving outwards or inwards. A softer mattress will have more give for these convex areas.”


Combination sleepers will want a bed that makes it easy to switch positions throughout the night, without disrupting your sleep (or your partner’s sleep). That likely means a hybrid or innerspring bed, as opposed to a memory foam mattress (which can feel a bit like quicksand when you want to roll over).


All the beds on our list are reputable mattresses, but there’s no denying that comfort and support are subjective. If you’re concerned about whether a mattress will be the right fit for you, consider a brand that lets you exchange firmness models or comfort layers within the trial period.

Trial period

Mattresses are expensive–and trying to relieve scoliosis pain can put extra pressure on the success of an already sizable purchase. Thankfully, most companies do offer generous trial periods. If you prefer to err on the side of caution, a longer sleep trial can help take the pressure off.

How we picked:

Comfort & Support

Comfort is subjective, of course–but we made sure to pick mattresses that are supportive, yet plush enough to cradle sensitive spines, per our expert’s recommendations.


Each of these mattresses is made in the United States, using nontoxic, CertiPUR-US certified materials. Some even go above and beyond with their sustainability efforts, which is a big plus in our book.


We read hundreds of reviews, with a focus on those from folks with scoliosis, to make sure these beds stack up to their claims.

Mattresses are expensive, so we made sure to pick a range of beds for a variety of budgets. These beds also all have risk-free sleep trials so you can make sure it’s a right fit before committing.

Our picks of the best mattresses for scoliosis

Best overall: Saatva Classic Luxury Firm

Saatva Classic Luxury Firm

VIEW ON Saatva | From $912


Multiple firmness & height optionsOrganic cotton Euro top


Some find it too firm

Materials: Organic cotton, CertiPUR-US(R) certified foam, Coils

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

This mattress feels like a hotel bed, in the best way. It’s a combination of recycled steel coils, non-toxic memory foam, and a plush, organic cotton Euro pillow-top. The best part about the bed is how customizable it is; you can choose from three firmness options, and pick either a 11.5- or 14.5-inch height.

The Luxury Firm is the brand’s best-selling model, and a good fit for all sleep styles (although strict side sleepers might prefer the Plush Soft model). Folks with scoliosis will appreciate the balance of cushion and enhanced support in the middle, which helps keep your hips and shoulders in alignment, no matter your chosen sleep position.

Saatva delivers all of its mattresses through white glove delivery, which means someone will bring it into your home for you and help set it up. The beds are never compressed or rolled into a box (Saatva says this helps maintain its mattresses’ quality). Depending on the brand and model, you might even qualify to have your old mattress and box spring removed at the time of delivery, which is a huge help.

What customers say:

A big reason we chose the Saatva Classic as the best overall, is the rave reviews from people with scoliosis. Several say it’s been a great firm option and makes them feel supported, without feeling like they’re on a hardwood floor.

One person with scoliosis writes, “I usually have issues (scoliosis which leads to an achy back) sleeping on new mattresses but this one, I never had issues.” And another who ordered the Luxury Firm for them and their partner comments, “She has scoliosis, and I have chronic arthritis, and degenerative disc disease. Every single morning in the past 2 weeks, we have not had a single backache or headache, having slept soundly on this truly luxury mattress!” If you end up finding the Luxury Firm too firm or too soft, you can exchange your bed (or return it altogether) within the 365-night trial. Saatva is also known for having excellent customer service.

Best adjustable: Saatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

VIEW ON Saatva | From $2,500


Customizable firmness on each side Natural, organic materials


Doesn’t work with all adjustable basesExpensive

Materials: Organic cotton, CertiPUR-US(R) certified gel-infused foams, Natural latex

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

Another great pick from Saatva, the Solaire is an air bed that allows you to choose from 50 remote-controlled firmness options. An adjustable mattress like this can help folks with scoliosis find their perfect sleep surface from the comfort of their bedroom. Plus, in a queen size or larger, each side of the bed offers a separate air chamber and remote–great news for anyone sharing a bed with a partner.

Like the Classic, the Solaire has the same 3-inch Euro pillow top made from organic cotton and natural latex–and the same swanky hotel-feel. Of course, this mattress also comes with free white glove delivery and setup. This is especially helpful if you order a split king model, or Saatva’s adjustable base.

What customers say:

There aren’t many reviews for this bed on Saatva’s website yet, but the bulk of the comments are positive. Most people say the ability to choose their own firmness helps them find pain-free comfort, although one person warns that post-surgery, this bed was too tall for her to get in and out of. Both positive and negative reviews rave about Saatva’s generous trial period and customer service, so if it doesn’t work out you’ll be in good hands.

Best hybrid: DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier

VIEW ON DreamCloud | From $599


Less expensiveComfortable for all sleep styles


Only one firmness optionNo sustainably-sourced materials

Materials: Coils, Cashmere, Gel-infused memory foam

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

The upgraded version of the original DreamCloud mattress, this is a luxury hybrid bed that’s significantly less expensive than other comparable options. It has a plush, memory-foam pillow-top, and a breathable cashmere cover that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The medium-firm feel makes it a good choice for all sleep styles, and the responsive coils will help support spinal alignment, even for combination sleepers who might like to change it up throughout the night. (Psst! If you’re looking specifically for a hybrid bed, we have a few more suggestions where this came from!)

The DreamCloud Premier will arrive compressed and wrapped in a box, and the brand recommends leaving it to expand for 24 hours.

What customers say:

With nearly 8,000 reviews and 4.8 out of five stars, this mattress gets very strong feedback. One reviewer with scoliosis says, “I have rotational scoliosis and suffer from severe back pain. This mattress has enough support while still being soft and is unbelievably comfortable. My back pain is nearly gone after sleeping on this mattress.” One negative mention, though, is that there’s only one firmness option. If this purchase doesn’t work out, you can take advantage of DreamCloud’s 365-night return window.

Best for post-surgery: Nolah Evolution 15″

Nolah Evolution 15″

VIEW ON Nolah | From $999


Multiple firmness optionsGood temperature regulation


Motion control could be betterSome find it too thin

Materials: Organic cotton, Coils, AirFoam(TM)

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King

Trial period: 120 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

This is a great post-op option, or for anyone who tends to run hot. It’s a cushy hybrid that uses coils and graphite-infused foam for a cooler sleep surface, so you can spend hours in this bed and still feel cool and comfortable. Plus, it comes in three firmness options and can be easily catered to your preferred sleep style. All models include a plush Euro pillow-top that makes this mattress great for side sleepers.

All of Nolah’s mattresses are compressed and rolled in a box for delivery. The brand’s website doesn’t say how long you shouldwait for the mattress to expand before sleeping on it, but some reviewers say they slept on it the very first night.

What customers say:

While we weren’t able to find any reviews from folks with scoliosis, this bed has an astounding 4.9 out of five-star rating overall, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who say it relieved them of night time aches and pains.

One ecstatic and well-rested reviewer writes, “I used to go to work exhausted and dragging all day. Within a week of getting my Nolah mattress, I was singing my way to work. I was so spicy, they even renamed me Chipotle. Having gone through Nectar and Casper mattresses, this one is undeniably the best. Cool and comfy, I sleep through the night. No more night sweats or shoulder pain!” On the con side, some people who share their bed with a partner mention that the motion control could be better.

Best memory foam: Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

VIEW ON Layla | From $599


Flippable (with a soft side & a firm side)Less expensive


Not sustainableEdge support isn’t great

Materials: Copper gel-infused foam, Memory foam

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Trial period: 120 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

This is a flippable mattress, which means it has a soft side (rated at a 4 out of 10 on the brand’s firmness scale) and a firm side (rated at a 7 out of 10). The soft side has a traditional cradling memory-foam feel, while the firm side is considerably harder, but still provides a sufficient amount of cushion for side sleepers. The big pro of this bed is that you can flip it between sides to find the right fit for you. If you don’t end up loving either side during your 120-night sleep trial, the brand will refund you and donate your mattress to a local charity.

The foam in this mattress is a bit different than your average memory foam. The copper gel-infused foam gives a firmer response to increased pressure, providing support around the areas where you really need it. Copper is also what gives this mattress a cooling quality, and it actually compresses together under pressure to form an antimicrobial barrier that helps fight odor-causing bacteria. In other words, it keeps your mattress fresh, cool, and comfortable.

This bed arrives compressed and rolled up in a box. A few folks left reviews saying that there’s a funky off-gassing smell (which is common in memory foam beds), but the same reviewers confirm that it goes away within a day or two,

What customers say:

Among the 7,000-plus reviews, there are several from people with scoliosis who are really happy with their Layla bed. One says, “My husband has chronic pain from a host of injuries and I have mild scoliosis, and still we can both sleep without pain so this is wonderful for us.” On the con side, memory foam can make it a little tough to change positions, as some combination sleepers note.

Best for side sleepers: Nest Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress

Nest Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress

VIEW ON Nest | From $920


Customizable comfort layerDurable


ExpensiveNo organic materials

Materials: CertiPUR-US(R) certified foam, Gel-infused memory foam

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Trial period: 365 nights

Warranty: Lifetime

This mattress is made up of supportive steel coils, cool gel foam, and a customizable middle comfort layer. Like some of the brand’s other beds, its middle layer is removable–and if the Plush, Medium, or Firm comfort layer you ordered originally doesn’t end up working out, you can take advantage of the brand’s “Lifetime Renewal Exchange,” to swap your comfort layer out for a different firmness. Exchanging the comfort layer a few years into owning your mattress can also help extend its lifespan, which is a sustainability win! While this mattress is not made from the most sustainable or organic materials, the brand does make a non-toxic mattress.

Nest ships all its mattresses compressed and rolled in a box. According to reviews, this mattress doesn’t let off any funky smells while you’re putting it together.

What customers say:

The medium comfort layer is a favorite among side-sleepers. And while we couldn’t find any reviews from people with scoliosis in particular, there are plenty of comments about improved back pain. One reviewer raves, “Honestly–back issues solved. I feel supported and so comfortable all at once!” It’s also a hit with couples who liked that they could order two twin XLs with different comfort layers to make their own split king setup.

Best topper: PlushBeds 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

PlushBeds 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

VIEW ON Plushbeds | From $216


Multiple firmness & thickness optionsOptional organic cotton cover100% natural latex


Expensive for a topperNo returns & shorter warranty

Materials: Natural latex

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Trial period: None

Warranty: 5-year

Not ready to switch out your mattress entirely? A great mattress topper can support your spinal alignment and help you get more comfortable in your existing bed. We like this natural latex topper from PlushBeds for a few reasons. First, as the name implies, it’s made with 100% organic Talalay latex foam. Unlike memory foam, which can have more of a cushioned sinking sensation, latex foam is known for its buoyant and responsive feel.

Assuming your current mattress is in good shape, the addition of this topper will provide a sensation of sleeping on top of your bed versus in it–especially if you choose the medium or medium-firm option. This topper is also perforated, which results in a more breathable surface than other foam toppers, even if you add the optional organic cotton cover.

Once you’ve decided between the five firmness options and the two- or three-inch height, the topper will ship compressed and rolled in a box. Because the materials are all-natural, there aren’t any weird off-gassing smells.

What customers say:

This topper has over 1,100 reviews, most of which say it made a big difference in the overall comfort of their bed. One mom who bought the medium-firm topper for her son after scoliosis surgery says, “He has been 100% happy with this mattress topper and as a result his back has healed faster post surgery with less noticeable back pain.” The only real con to this option is that it’s a little more expensive than other toppers you can find. But if quality and organic materials are important to you, it might be worth it.


What kind of mattress is best for someone with scoliosis?

For people with scoliosis, hybrid mattresses are typically the most supportive and pressure-relieving, as they use a combination of responsive coils and cushioning foams. Memory foam can also be a good pick for strict side-sleepers who like to feel cradled in bed

What is the best mattress firmness for someone with scoliosis?

Back sleepers will need a medium-firm to firm mattress to stay aligned, while strict side sleepers will prefer a medium to medium-firm mattress with cushion for the shoulders and hips.

Can you get scoliosis from sleeping wrong?

“It is very unlikely that you will develop structural changes to your spine due to sleeping positions,” says Yuen. “That being said, if you sleep in a very rotated position, you will develop decreased mobility in certain directions, simply because you are spending 6 to 8 hours in that position. This can be easily balanced by a mobility program that focuses on the spine moving in all directions.”

Finding a comfortable sleeping position can be particularly difficult for people with scoliosis, but the right mattress or topper can be extremely helpful. Just remember, a new mattress isn’t a cure-all for scoliosis, but it can definitely improve your sleep hygiene and overall energy levels. If you’re experiencing regular back pain and are concerned about scoliosis, it’s best to be examined by a doctor or physical therapist.

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