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The 9 Best Mattresses For Murphy Beds To Avoid The Dreaded Slump

Living with limited space often requires compromise. A shoebox-sized bedroom can’t hold an office space, home gym, and a guest bed without a few creative solutions–like a Murphy bed.

The futuristic, foldable bed offers the best of both worlds; a hidden nighttime oasis that lets you get your work (or workouts) done during the day before transforming into a spot to crash and catch some zzz’s at night.

Once you’ve splurged on your new bed, the next step in improving your sleep setup is finding the best mattress for a Murphy bed. The bad news? You’ll need to keep a few extra things in mind–such as mattress height and structure–when finding the right option. The good news? Tons of brands create mattresses that work just as well in a Murphy bed as they do in a standard frame.

How to choose the right mattress for a Murphy bed.

Every Murphy beds may have slightly different measurements, so it’s important to always do a little research on your frame before purchasing a mattress. Along with matching the size of your Murphy bed–which is likely a twin, full, or queen–the mattress also can’t be too plush.

You’ll want a design less than 12 inches tall, or an option that wouldn’t require extra deep bed sheets. Otherwise the excess cushioning could prevent your bed from closing. This means it’s also extra important to select your preferred mattress firmness, as you can’t use a mattress topper to reach your desired firmness.

Finally, it’s super important to keep in mind the mattress’ sturdiness, as less structured picks may “slump” over time due to extra gravitational pull of leaning vertically instead of laying flat. This slumping not only makes for an unpleasant sleeping experience, but it can also cause harm.

Olympic physical therapist and MOCEAN founder Joshua Park, DPT, tells mbg, “When you are sleeping on a mattress that is sagging in certain areas or not supportive, it may produce extra pressures on certain parts of the spine and muscles.”

“A body also requires extra muscle activity to adjust positions if a mattress lacks support or bounciness, ultimately disrupting restorative sleep,” he adds.

Translation? A slumping mattress has the potential to destroy your restorative sleep and leave you with aches and pains. To reduce your risk of dealing with a subpar snooze, we focused on beds with long warranties and edge support.

The takeaway.

A Murphy bed can be a real game-changer for compact living space, but it’s important to get the unique sleep setup right! Our comprehensive list will help you decide what you need from a mattress, whether it’s an all memory foam design or a more eco-friendly latex option. And don’t forget to add the best pillows to your cart for your best sleep yet!

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