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The Best Full-Body Kettlebell Workout For When You’re Short On Time

So you’re short on time… Just because you only have ten minutes, doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from a workout. In fact, sometimes the greatest changes in our fitness start with bigger commitments to smaller steps. Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes, so to help you sneak that sweat in, we’ve teamed up with Under Armour and fitness expert Lexa Henwood to create this 8-minute total body strength workout using either kettlebells or dumbbells. These HIIT moves are designed to challenge your body from head-to-toe. Not only will it feel physically satisfying, we’ll end things with a goal-setting exercise to help get your mind dialed before you go about your day.

In the best of ways, this workout will bring you right up to your edge. For extra strength, the Women’s UA RUSH(TM) No-Slip Waistband Ankle Leggings are made with infrared technology that reflects your body’s energy (think: work harder, recover faster). And for unparalleled support along the way, pair these leggings with the Women’s UA Infinity High Zip Sports Bra–designed to follow the natural shape of your breasts. Topped off with the Women’s UA HOVR(TM) Omnia Training Shoes, you’ll tackle these HIIT moves with ease. Built to be super-springy and extra breathable, these kicks will keep you comfy as you’re pushing those limits.

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