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The Best Time To Eat This Blood-Sugar-Balancing Veggie To Get Max Benefits

With options ranging from sprinkling it in your morning smoothie or sipping it in your water at night, what really is the best time to take spirulina?

While information seems to vary, Chaudhry reveals that there’s no bad time to take this sea vegetable to absorb the aforementioned health benefits. “Spirulina can typically be used throughout the day in smoothies, yogurt, mixed into water, oatmeal, and even in baked goods. It generally does not matter when you take it,” she explains.

As for how you can sneak this algae into your diet, seeing as it comes in pill and powder form, perhaps the easiest way to take it is with your morning supplements or mixed into a smoothie for an added boost. Chaudhry even notes that the body absorbs spirulina more effectively in this form anyways, and a powder will be the easiest to digest.

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