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The One Mistake This Celeb Makeup Artists Wants You To Stop Making ASAP

“People like to feel like they’re really glowy. So dewy-looking makeup is really popular right now,” she says. (And, well, agreed.) “But the problem is the areas on your face where you may have more texture that you want to minimize, those should really be matte so it appears flatter and smoother.”

She goes on to share an example: “Let’s say the center of your face has more visible pores, which is very common. You should use a matte foundation or mattifying powder on those points, then you can apply your highlighter on the cheekbones to get you that dewy finish.”

Because dewy makeup, by design, catches and reflects light, it naturally draws more attention to those spots. “The key is simply to look at the skin and think to yourself: Where do I want to minimize texture? Well that’s matte. And where to I want to enhance my skin Well, then go for it and make that dewy,” she says.

Tune in to get her other genius makeup tips (like how to use your look to tell a story), as well as some entrepreneurial advice. A must listen, through and through.

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