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The One Thing You Should Always Pair With Turmeric (Nope, Not Black Pepper)

With such a suite of complementary actions, it’s no wonder that the two plants have been linked together in Ayurvedic cooking for centuries (ginger turmeric tea is a staple in the ancient medical system). However, the amount of turmeric and ginger you’d use to flavor a meal is minimal compared to the dose you’d need to reap the duo’s full benefits. Luckily, you can also find the plant pair synched up in one of mindbodygreen’s newest supplements, turmeric potency+, which combines 500 mg of turmeric root extract with 150 mg of ginger root and 5 mg of black pepper fruit (famous for its piperine).

Plant synergy at its finest, the supplement utilizes full-spectrum ginger and turmeric to deliver the complete array of bioactives that make these buddies so powerful.

It offers a convenient way to reap the benefits of these antioxidant-rich ingredients daily, in clinically relevant doses for supporting your joints and muscles, digestion, mood, inflammatory response, and overall health.* The targeted supplement is great for anyone who wants to nurture their body’s resilience daily using plant-forward nutrition.* “Turmeric, ginger, and black pepper are powerful antioxidant besties you want on your spice team… To benefit from this plant-powered trio in their most absorbable and potent forms, a convenient option is mindbodygreen’s turmeric potency+. Just two vegan capsules a day and you’re golden,”* says dietitian and mindful eating expert Jennifer Hnat, R.D.N.

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