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The Simple Swap That’ll Make Your Work Day So Much Healthier

What’s more, one of our favorite options, the WalkingPad P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill, is currently $100 off with code WPNEWYEAR through January 31. Less than 33 inches long when unfolded, the sleek pick is small enough to slip under a desk and features built-in sensors that auto-adjust speed based on your walking pace.

For example, you can walk towards the end of the pad to slow down your speed during an important work call, or gently increase your speed up to 3.75 miles per hour while reading through a study. As you grow accustomed to the walking pad, you can also manually enter your preferred speed using the included remote control.

Designed to save space, the WalkindPad folds in half for storage with a slim enough profile to fit under many couches (less than 22 inches tall). It also skips a display screen in favor of a smart phone app, which allows you to adjust settings similar to the remote control. We’ll admit: The app won’t be a must for those with an activity tracker, but it’s a great option for tracking mileage for those who skip wearables.

And although this treadmill might be tiny, it’s still built for comfort and durability. The belt packs plenty of foam padding to protect your ankles at faster speeds (though you should always wear a pair of supportive walking shoes) with a brushless motor backed by a one-year warranty.

Just note the WalkingPad P1 only comes in one color, so you’ll have to check out other models if you want to adjust the aesthetic. While slightly pricier, some come with added perks; the WalkingPad A1 Pro has added noise-reducing technology and a built-in display screen. Luckily, the brand’s New Year $100 code applies to every model–including the 2-in-1 models also crafted for running.

Finding small ways to reduce the amount of time spent sitting and sedentary is an easy way to support your overall well-being, and an under-the-desk treadmill is one of our favorite hacks. We recommend testing out the WalkingPad P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill, which is currently just $399 in the brand’s New Year sale with code WPNEWYEAR. Better yet, the brand a 7-day shipping period to ensure our new investment arrives in plenty of time to start logging the steps (or rather the lack of inactivity).

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