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The Year’s *Only* New Moon In Libra Is Here To Accelerate Your Relationships

This gracious zodiac season is ideal for networking with new folks while also fortifying existing relationships. No need to wait until the holidays to send gifts to your top clients or treat a prospective project partner to lunch. Personalized touches, however big or small, will go a long way to cement loyalty.

Cupid will make plenty of cameos over the next four weeks, and many of his arrows are sure to hit the mark. (Provided you open your heart and provide a clear shot, of course.) If you’ve been flying solo, it’s time to collaborate and communicate with joy once again. And indulge! Libra season gives us a weak spot for life’s finer things: haute cuisine, beautiful fabrics, art, music, and all kinds of revelry. Just watch the cash flow when following the hedonistic impulses. In between wining and dining, go out of your way to appreciate the “little things.”

Is it time to make a peace offering? Libra’s harmonious vibes help smooth over rough patches in our most important unions. It’s rarely too late to at least tryto make amends. Thanks to the gracious diplomacy of this solar cycle, others are more willing to accept a heartfelt apology.

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