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There Are 8 “Play Personalities” — Here’s Which One You Have

The type of play you love the most can often be traced to your childhood, but it’s whatever makes your heart sing today. Nogueira loves to play the New York Times spelling bee, for example, and Pidcoke enjoys playing pickleball.

Keep in mind that “playing” can encompass everything from participating in recreational sports to acting in a theater production to tossing around new ideas. “If it brings pleasure and connection,” Pidcoke emphasized, “it will benefit you.”

It doesn’t haven’t to be a specific organized action, either. To quickly engage your sense of play, Nogueira is a fan of turning everything you have to do into a game. He recommends the book, Finite and Infinite Gamesby James Carse as a great reference to help get the hang of it.

“Play around with perception and the way you see things. Let go of fear and try new things… Enjoy the playfulness of life. When you breathe and focus, don’t call it meditation. Call it something else and play with it and the possibilities,” Nogueira recommended.

“We have to look at how we can change our mindset so that we can turn everything into play,” added Pidcoke. “Anything that feels light-hearted and not serious can be play. Putting on music and dancing while you clean is play. Listening to audiobooks during a long commute is play. Play enlivens us; it helps us feel present and happy.”

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