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These Anti-Snore Pillows Might Just Save Your Relationship

mbg Contributing Writer

By Jack Byram

mbg Contributing Writer

Jack Byram is a freelance writer who covers health and wellness. He’s also spent a lot of time reviewing everything from tech gadgets to home goods, and writing about them for varying outlets.

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July 1, 2022

Snoring can wreak havoc on sleep, whether it’s your sleep, a partner’s sleep, or a roommate down the hall–and even the best sleep hygiene can’t counteract the negative impact of snoozing next to someone who snores. While there’s no shortage of great advice on how to stop snoring naturally, for some people home remedies just don’t seem to cut it. Another popular solution? The best anti-snore pillows.

What is an anti-snore pillow?

Snoring is caused by airways narrowing when you lie down, which creates vibrations when you breathe. While back sleepers are the most prone to snoring, other factors also affect whether or not you snore, including age and weight. In fact, weakened throat muscles are a natural part of the aging process, further closing air passageways.

Unfortunately, anti-snore pillows are not the fountain of youth, although your partner may feel rejuvenated after finally getting a full eight hours of sleep. Instead many designs focus on adjusting your sleep position to promote side-sleeping. And if changing your entire sleep setup feels daunting, you can also opt for anti-snore pillows created for back sleepers. These options promote a slightly elevated head position and offer much-needed neck support to help keep airways open.

How we picked:

Customer Feedback

We prioritized products that had overall great reviews from customers for comfort, efficiency, and customer service.

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, so we selected pillows at a range of budgets to guarantee everyone has access to this anti-snore solution.


Latex-based pillows were prioritized for their more sustainability materials, however we also included a few memory foam pillows due to their firm construction and better support.

Support & Positioning

Pillows designed to promote side-sleeping were our top focus. Firmness and contouring were also accounted for to ensure the head and neck stayed aligned throughout the night.

mbg’s picks for the best anti-snore pillows of 2022:

Best for side sleepers: Avocado Green Pillow

Avocado Green Pillow

VIEW ON Avocado Mattress | $109


Sustainable materialsCustomizable fillMade in Los AngelesCarbon-negative shipping


Some reviewers complain of off-gassingToo firm for some

Material: Latex, Cotton, Kapok tree fiber

Sizes: Queen, King, Standard

Warranty: 1-year

Trial: 100 nights

Find the perfect amount of head and neck support to minimize snoring by adjusting the organic cotton and kapok tree filling to your perfect firmness. Along with reducing your chance of snoring, this customization process also elongates the life of the pillow, as it’s possible to replenish the fill without replacing the latex core.

Not that you’ll need to be too worried about the durability of the design; latex is considered one of the pillow materials with the greatest longevity (and lowest environmental impact). It also ensures the GREENGUARD Gold-certified pillow won’t bottom out and will help your head and neck maintain a stable position all night long.

Best for stomach sleepers: Parachute Down Pillow

Parachute Down Pillow

VIEW ON Parachute Home | $129


Machine-washable3 firmness optionsCarbon-neutral shippingFree returns


ExpensiveRetains heat

Material: Cotton, Feathers

Sizes: King, Standard

Warranty: 3-year

Trial: 60 nights

Feather down isn’t the first choice for many seeking support due to its plush feel, but Parachute’s popular pillow is an exception. It offers three density options–soft, medium, and firm–so you can still get the support your body needs without sacrificing the luxe feel of down. We recommend selecting your pillow based on the amount of support your body needs; the firm option is great for side sleepers, while the medium option is our top pick for back and stomach sleepers.

In terms of longevity, machine washability and a double-stitched piping seam ensure a high-quality pillow that’s built to last.

Best for alignment: Level Sleep Restore(TM) Pillow

Level Sleep Restore(TM) Pillow

VIEW ON Level Sleep | $149


Innovative designMaximum neck supportAdjustableFree shipping


Less eco-friendly material

Material: Memory foam

Sizes: Standard

Warranty: Lifetime

Trial: 365 nights

Made with premium specialty foam, Level Sleep’s Restore(TM) Pillow is specifically designed to reduce snoring by maximizing neck support (and took 10 years to create). The customizable shape allows individuals to pick the optimal height and support level by removing excess foam or rotating the pillow 180 degrees. Additional technology cushions your head, reclining it naturally to keep your airways open.

Unlike other options, this pillow promotes better alignment regardless of your sleep position. It also boasts a breathable fabric cover with four-way stretch technology to keep you comfy (but not too cozy) throughout the night.

Best extra firm: TEMPUR-PEDIC TEMPUR-Neck(TM) Pillow


VIEW ON TEMPUR-PEDIC | $129VIEW ON Amazon | $120


Multiple sizesContoured shapeFree shipping


No returnsLess eco-friendly materialsBreak-in time needed

Material: Memory foam

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Warranty: 5-year

Trial: N/A

Maximize support with this contoured pick from TEMPUR-PEDIC. It uses the brand’s extra-firm TEMPUR(R) material, which maintains shape while still providing much-needed pressure relief. Similar to our other picks, it’s designed for neck support with an ergonomic shape to keep your head in the optimal position to minimize snoring.

Available in three sizes based on your height, the anti-snore pillow also comes with a 100% knit polyester cover. The breathable addition is removable and washable for a regular refresh.

Best cooling: GhostBed GhostPillow Memory Foam

GhostBed GhostPillow Memory Foam

VIEW ON GhostBed | $95


Phase-change material adjust to body heatHolds shapeLong trial period


Made from memory foamOnly one size

Material: Cotton, Memory foam

Sizes: Standard

Warranty: 5-year

Trial: 101 nights

This pillow’s aerated gel foam is perfectly contoured to support the head and neck, evenly distributing weight to keep your airways open. Despite molding to your body, the material is still firm enough to hold its shape so you won’t have to worry about waking up with a collapsed pillow.

Of course, the design’s ultimate perk is its cooling technology. The support core is made with an aerated memory foam for continuous airflow. It’s then layered with a patented phase-change material that adjusts to your body temperature in real time to keep you cool. Finally, the two pieces are held together with an aerated mesh and wrapped in a cool-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking zippered cover. The result? A pillow so cool, it might just feel like you’re sleeping on a ghost.

Best splurge: Noble Pillow The Noble Head Pillow

Noble Pillow The Noble Head Pillow

VIEW ON Noble Pillow | $349


Sustainable materialsErgonomic supportNaturally resistant to fire & mold


ExpensiveShort trial period

Material: Latex, Wool

Sizes: Queen, King, Standard

Warranty: 3-year

Trial: 30 nights

This deluxe pillow looks like a plush headrest on the outside, but inside you’ll uncover so much more. The hybrid design features a latex base, which is broken down into nine sections or “channels,” which all individually respond to the body’s movement to provide optimal support.

At the center of the pillow, you’ll find a fillable channel that doubles as neck support for back sleepers thanks to its curved shape. Side sleepers can also benefit from the orthopedic design; both sides of the pillow are slightly elevated to promote spinal alignment.

Available in three sizes, it comes with a GOTS-certified pillowcase and an additional bag of fill to help achieve the right level of support, even for those with sleep apnea; postural problems; or neck, shoulder, and mid-back pain.

Most affordable: Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

VIEW ON Brooklyn Bedding | $89


Sustainable materialsCustomizable loftHypoallergenic


HeavyToo soft for some

Material: Latex, Cotton

Sizes: Queen, King

Warranty: 3-year

Trial: 30 nights

This pillow from Brooklyn Bedding is made with Talalay latex, a hyper-responsive foam that conforms to your head and neck. This support allows for healthier spinal alignment, potentially aiding in snoring relief while also creating a plush spot to lay your head to rest.

You’ll have the choice of two loft options; low for back sleepers and high for side sleepers. Regardless of the selected firmness, you can expect plenty of breathability from the latex, as it allows for plenty of airflow. What’s more, these pillows are hypoallergenic, providing asthma and allergy sufferers with a more peaceful night’s rest.

Best latex: Saatva Latex Pillow

Saatva Latex Pillow

VIEW ON Saatva | $165


Sustainable materialsHead & neck supportFree shipping



Material: Latex, Cotton

Sizes: Queen, King

Warranty: 1-year

Trial: 45 nights

Although this Saatva pick is a bit pricier (coming in at the second most expensive on our list), the shredded natural latex core makes it worth the money. This sturdy component provides neck and head support, preventing the head from tilting back and prompting snoring. It also offers buoyant and balanced support to help relieve pressure points throughout the night.

What we love most about this pillow? The natural latex build is not only sustainable, but it also promotes breathability for a less stuffy night’s sleep. Plus, the organic cotton fill is also hypoallergenic, making it a great option for anyone with allergies.

What causes snoring?

As psychiatrist and sleep expert Nishi Bhopal, M.D., previously told mbg, back sleeping is a big cause of snoring because your tongue and soft palate relax to the back of your throat. This creates a vibration, which is the sound that you associate with snoring. Additionally, improper head and neck support can cause the same issue to occur.

However, snoring can also be caused by more complex issues, such as sleep apnea. If snoring persists, it’s important to check in with your medical doctor to ensure there isn’t a larger issue at hand.

The takeaway.

Snoring can impede a quality night’s sleep, not only for the snorer but also for anyone in the room. The best anti-snore pillows offer a great opportunity to mitigate snoring by addressing the issues where they originate. Oftentimes, it is a small price to pay to create a dramatic change in sleep quality! Once you’ve done the work to stop snoring, you can further improve your slumber with the help of these sleep aids.

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